Injuries are worse than tigers!Arsenal are in tears as they list the five longest injured players of the century

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As the most popular sport in modern times, football players’ performance on the field has attracted much attention. Of course, as a sport of intense collision, injury has become an inevitable matter.There are players who go through injuries and still have great careers, but there are also players who are unlucky enough to suffer an injury and their form plummet.While some players are more susceptible to injury than others, their careers have been significantly affected. Here are the top five longest injured players of the century.Former Gunners captain and Belgian centre-back Thomas Vermaelen only recently announced his retirement.Vermaelen peaked during his five years with the gunners, but suffered a serious injury at the start of the 2010-11 season, when he ruptured his Achilles tendon and made only five appearances for the whole campaign, before being replaced by Laurent Koscielny.Vermaelen joined Barca in 2014, but was unable to make his debut for the club until the final round of the season due to injury, and was fortunate enough to win the treble with the club.Vermaelen has also been dubbed the “high priest” by fans for sucking up all the injuries.Manchester City’s captain and Belgian native Kompany has suffered 31 injuries in his career.But that didn’t stop him becoming one of the best central defenders at City and in the Premier League, and kompany has now retired to become manager of his former club Anderlecht.Compared with other injured players, Kompany still has a good steady performance after recovering from injury.3- Wilshere (1470) Wilshere rose to fame at an early age and was hailed as Arsenal’s crown prince and future leader.However, a series of injuries have hampered the talented England midfielder’s career. Wilshere made his Premier League debut for Arsenal at the age of 16 in 2008-09, but he made fewer than 50 appearances for the gunners before leaving in 2008.He was a talented midfielder, but was destroyed by injury, becoming another “injury forever”.Robben has had an illustrious career winning titles with Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.Robben dribbling on the pitch, very good speed, but also has its own “robben corridor”.However, robben is also known as the “glass man”. He has suffered 58 injuries in his career, and his career achievements would surely have been even higher if it were not for these damn injuries.1- Diaby (1,747 days) Another Arsenal player to make the list, abou Diaby is another talented player ruined by injury.Diaby joined Arsenal in London in the winter of 2006, but suffered a serious ankle fracture against Sunderland and was sidelined for eight months.Since then diaby has been a two-hour, five-minute player who has been on the phone for a long time. Even after a move to Marseille, diaby has been plagued by injuries and has decided to retire at the age of 32.Diaby has been injured 21 times throughout his career, making just 214 appearances.