Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu: The follow-up models of Jidu are expected to land at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of the year

2022-05-20 0 By

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter promise) On March 27, at the China Electric Vehicle Forum 100 (2022) “Global Intelligent vehicle Frontier Summit”, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, revealed that Jidu has started the research and development and pre-research work of follow-up models, follow-up models are expected to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of this year.It is understood that Jidu plans to release its first car robot concept car in 2022 and display it at the Beijing Auto Show.Its first production car robot will be ready for delivery in 2023 and will have advanced autonomous driving capabilities.When talking about the research and development progress of the first and subsequent models of Jidu, Xia Yiping said that as the first intelligent vehicle brand in the industry that applies baidu Apollo high-order autonomous driving capability in full storage, Jidu is committed to the integrated development and re-verification of autonomous driving technology verified by Apollo Robotaxi.Bring advanced autonomous driving experience to ordinary home users.In addition, set degree since the developed a set of unique to set auto robot “brain” of research and development process – SIMUCar (prototype software integration simulation), to implement the software and hardware of the vehicle research and development of decoupling, noninterference, double-track system, the development of advanced automated driving power in advance to software “security stability test” for more time.By the end of 2021, the development of high-order autonomous driving functions of Jiudu has realized the dual domain integration of high-speed and urban areas.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Promise editor Song Yuting proofread Liu Jun