The husband and wife are committed to the fight against COVID-19

2022-05-20 0 By

Luo Heli, Reporter of Henan Economic News, Cheng Dequan, correspondent recently, COVID-19 has touched everyone’s heart.In the face of the epidemic, the people of Minquan County and town have made concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, staging a touching story after another.There is such a couple, in the anti-epidemic front line, they are “comrade-in-arms”, fighting side by side, together to protect a town;At home, they are husband and wife, working together to build a home.Du Xingzhen, female, born in March 1978, is a village doctor in Chewan Village, Zhenning Town.Since the launch of epidemic prevention and control work, she has been sticking to her post, earnestly doing various epidemic prevention and control work in the village, and practicing the responsibility of “staying true to the original aspiration and keeping the mission firmly in mind” with practical actions.Her husband, Xu Haijian, is a volunteer worker in the Health center of Renhe Town. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in the town, he was also assigned to the traffic quarantine point of epidemic prevention and control at the nucleic acid collection point of the village. They gave up reunion and had no time to take care of the elderly and children, struggling in their respective battlefields to express their dedication.For Du Xingzhen and Xu Haijian, love is not only about holding your hand and growing old together, but also about giving up your small family and sticking to it.In this smoke-free campaign, they fought side by side, moving forward, building a solid health barrier for the masses.