Hohhot New Urban Area: Strawberry industry is becoming a new engine for rural revitalization

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Interior view of strawberry greenhouses □ North Xinjiang News Network, North Xinjiang news APP, North Xinjiang Cloud reporter Li Yanhong 4 strawberry greenhouses, annual income of more than 200,000 yuan……In 2010, jia Liping, just two years out of school, “easily” earned his first bucket of gold through four greenhouses while many of his classmates had not found suitable jobs, which he never dreamed of.Jia Liping, Hohhot City new district tongsihao village people.This village, located in the front slope of Daqingshan mountain, is a secondary water source protection area of Hohhot.Advantaged geographical advantages, let the village become a strawberry planting star village.It takes half an hour to drive along the outer ring expressway.The wide roads on both sides of the village and the neat rows of solar lamps are described by many netizens as the coexistence of “appearance level” and “temperament”.”Tiger, quick to aunt see, these days strawberry growing trend is not good, with the way you recommend or not…”Halfway through, Jia Liping put down his chopsticks, picked up his car keys and rushed out of the house…Now Jia Liping, with a new identity – the new city tong Sihao village agricultural science and technology commissioner.He didn’t talk much, but when it came to strawberry farming, he started talking.In 2009, Jia Liping was unemployed and at home after graduating from college.Just as he was looking for a job, the village committee adjusted the structure of rural planting, building bases, greenhouses and encouraging villagers to try growing strawberries.Seeing the news, Jia Liping began to consult relevant materials.One catty of strawberries can be sold to more than 100 yuan, and the bureau of agriculture and Animal Husbandry science and technology personnel door-to-door guidance, the government vigorously support, he moved to mind.”Isn’t reading for getting out?Graduated from college and came home to farm?”Jia Liping’s approach, the old folks are not optimistic.But Jia Liping decided to try.That year, he contracted 4 greenhouses, that year profits of more than 200,000.”Plant more.”Jia Liping said he would do it.Jia liping said he had planted up to 30 greenhouses, but due to various factors, the income was similar to that of planting 20 greenhouses.”Blind planting.”Jia Liping summed up in time.From 30 greenhouses to 12 greenhouses, from large-scale to fine, from blind planting to planned planting, Jia Liping has a clearer understanding of the impact of production planning, fine management and market rules on strawberry planting.For more than 10 years, jia Liping has never been recognized until the introduction of seedlings and the protection of diseases and insect pests. In addition to taking good care of his own greenhouses, he also takes good care of the greenhouses of his fellow villagers.More than 10 years of planting experience, so that he grew into an industry expert, and was hired as agricultural science and technology commissioner.”Planting 3 strawberry greenhouses, annual income of more than 100,000.””Thanks to ‘little Uncle,'” said a delighted villager, Wang Lijun, pointing to Jia nearby.”You don’t have to be older than me to call your uncle because you have a higher seniority than me.”Wang Lijun said.Tongsihao village used to be a traditional agricultural village. Due to poor land, its economy has been in a backward state.Wang Lijun, 47, has not read much and has been farming at home.When he told people about the changes in his house, he lost the expression of joy on his face. He slowly squatted down and lit a cigarette, watching the smoke rings spread out with the halo…Young and strong, wang lijun has been engaged in dairy farming and vegetable greenhouse farming, but these have not changed his life.He does not want to “accept fate” like his parents and go to the city to work.It wasn’t until 2009 that his fortunes changed.That year, he, like Jia liping, was involved in the village’s strawberry farming.”The first year of planting, per mu yield of more than 4000 jin, did not think of thinking of their own can earn so much money, than the income of vegetables three times.”Speaking of these, Wang Lijun lit a cigarette again. “In the first two years, the new urban government funded the introduction of seedlings. Later, I went to study in other places to introduce high-quality strawberry seedlings.”After years of groping, Wang Liping has a set of their own management greenhouse experience and technology.Some people say that a greenhouse profits thirty or forty thousand yuan a year, a good year when a greenhouse can profit more than one hundred thousand yuan, why not several?Wang Lijun said, “Strawberry also want eugenics eugenics!”The day is getting better and better. Wang Lijun admits that his annual income of more than 100,000 yuan is no longer a dream. He does not have to go out to work, and he will hire people during the busy farming season.Looking at the daughter-in-law busy figure, he said some distressed, in fact, the planting of strawberries is hard money.In winter, once strawberry flowers are frozen, although the first crop of flowers is not good, the second crop of flowers can continue to open, but it will affect the strawberry results.As long as one day of care is less than, a year is in vain.Chen Jianjun, 52, is called “the most economically minded” by his fellow villagers.Old people often say, “one mu of melon, one minute of vegetables.” Chen jianjun decided to give it a try.”In those years, it was cheap to hire a woman for 25 yuan a day. Now it’s 100 yuan a day, and the price of vegetables hasn’t risen much.”Chen Jianjun decisively tried planting 2 greenhouses.He said, to achieve people have I have, people without I have.With this in mind, he still has two vegetable greenhouses.But what makes Chen Jianjun happy is not only that planting strawberries has changed his family background, but also that both his son and daughter have been admitted to university. The girl has graduated and is now working as a doctor.Chen jianjun says he sees hope in his family, not just financially, but also in having scholars in the family.The model of “Internet + leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers” “makes money as soon as you go out, you don’t have to go out to find a job, and there are jobs all the year round.”Wang Aiyun, 57, has been working at the Baixian Modern Agricultural Park in Tuosi Village since it opened.The warm and moist greenhouses were kept neat by Wang Aiyun.”Life is not tired, on weekdays sparse flowers and fruit, remove old leaves, can earn 3,000 yuan a month.”Wang Aiyun wang Aiyun and his wife every month can get lost land pension, but the wife is not in good health, year-round medicine.”My daughter-in-law gave birth to a big fat grandson this year to earn more money for milk powder.”Wang Aiyun said cheerfully.She told reporters that not only did she work in the park, but her son also came to work in the production workshop and brought many sisters from the village with him.”This year, we introduced the cloverleaf and doubled the yield of strawberries, so it will be rolled out across the board.”Bai Eru, head of the production department of the park, said that there are more than 380 greenhouses here, the strawberry market is good, the annual output value of more than 30 million yuan, providing more than 70 jobs for the villagers of Tuosihao village.The reporter learned from the Bureau of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Water Resources of Xincheng District that the central and western part of Inner Mongolia is located in the plateau area and belongs to a typical cold and cool climate zone. The light conditions are good, and the strawberries produced are of good quality, high sugar and large yield, which are very suitable for strawberry planting.Package now in Hohhot urban district, through the “Internet + leading enterprises + cooperative + farmers” model of development, relying on the fresh modern agriculture park, for modern agriculture park, hao, tully, modern agricultural parks, mustang totem hin agriculture sightseeing agriculture park, strawberry picking, pull the strawberry industry development and solve the thousands of villagers’ employment,More than 200 rural households have become rich.Red strawberries are becoming a new engine for rural revitalization.(after)