E-commerce businesses get rich by selling goods

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Source: People’s Daily Original title: Villagers of Banjing Village, Ningdu County, Jiangxi Province — (Cited) E-commerce selling goods to Start Business and Get Rich (Go to grassroots in Spring) (Theme) “Happy New Year, Happy New Year” “Happy New Year”…Early in the morning, liao Zhusheng’s home in Yangxi Group 2, Banjing Village, Zhuangfang Township, Ningdu County, Jiangxi Province, was very busy. More than 10 relatives and fellow villagers from the post-90s and 2000s generation paid New Year’s visit to Liao Zhusheng, who had won the “National Self-improvement model” and “National Poverty Alleviation Award”.”Bamboo sheng, you are really good. I heard that you sold nearly 3 million yuan of agricultural products last year. What’s your secret?You must teach us more.””Asked Yan You, a classmate whom he had not seen for years.”There is no secret. We caught up with the good times.””Our high-quality organic produce in southern Jiangxi has hitched a ride on the e-commerce platform,” said liao Zhusheng, 25, shyly.”Aye, aye.””My cousin Liao Xiuping took over the words,” the country has the road, Internet access to the door, the county also free skills training, help apply for discount loans, rent, water and electricity, to provide us with so many convenient conditions…”Thank you, Bamboo sheng!Happy New Year to you and your whole family. Thank you for helping me sell more than 300 pounds of water chestnuts.”Just then, Liao zhusheng’s phone rang again. It was Qiu Cizhong from Luokou town calling to wish him a happy New Year.”Brother Bamboo, can you take me with you?””Asked Guo Yangning from a neighboring village.”Absolutely.”Liao zhusheng said, “You quickly organize supplies.Several merchants in Shenzhen are urging me to speed up the delivery. Ningdu navel orange, Xingguo camellia oil and Xingguo fish fillet are all sold out in Shenzhen.””Dinner’s ready!When they were eager to ask more questions, Liao Zhusheng’s father, Liao Xiaowen, brought out a delicious steamer from the kitchen. “If you eat this dish, you will have more energy and make more money!”A one-liner that made everyone laugh…Responsible editor: Chi Yuyang