Is the “true face” of Yaeyama hard to fathom?She loved people, and she was smart and beautiful

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Original god the game recently, and the 2.5 version of the live preview to put out, believes that many players in the first place, to watch, have to say, inside information is still quite big, not only has more style novel activities, there are new five-star with role of eight heavy, son of god by planning description of skills, skills can be learned that her ratio is very high,Believe that as long as the players cultivate good, can be used for the abyss of the crusade.But some of you might be interested in her story, so let’s take a look.The story of yaejo!Yaejo is a “fox deity” of rice wife, one of the relatives of Ray Film (Balzebu), and also the matriarch in charge of Narakami Daisha.However, she is more closely related to the shadow, and the reason why the shadow can create the puppet Thunder general and attach the consciousness to the knife is due to the teaching of the Yaejo god son (sanshou seems to be afraid of her in the plot).But in addition to these, she also has the successor of the Bai Chen blood line, light fiction publisher “Yaejodo” horror editor and other titles, as unpredictable as her temperament.For this want to try to find out her “true face” of the people, many can be from the day to pursue the mansion, all the way to the gate of the Yaejongtang (belly black fox is too charming), but the success is still few (Goro in this period, but also suffered persecution).The official advice, however, is for players to simply remember that she will always be the “yaejo Lord of wisdom and beauty.”Fun about yaejo!Although yaejo is the palace manager of Naruka Daisha, she should be very busy, but she often talks to the travelers with the orders of the daisha, just for a legitimate reason to take a vacation, and by the way, have a look at the interesting things (to make the fishing become legitimate).But what she likes most is human beings, because life is very short, but can send out the light of the day, and even some people’s light, even if separated from the long river of time is never dim, so she thinks it is a great pleasure to read such life (no wonder she likes reading novels so much).In addition, in this official PV, there is an ancient voice said that the yaejo god son (in the form of little fox), who was not yet alive, likes to do the most is to lean on other people’s shoulders, I really want to see her posture ah.God son’s favorite food!In ordinary times, yaejoko first likes other people’s stories (because of the mysterious origin of the travelers, she is very interested in him), and second likes to see other people’s looks of trouble, when the two together, she will find this is a complement of fun.In addition, Yaejo kamiko’s favorite food is oil tofu and fried skewered (oil tofu in Japanese is a homonym for fox), and she likes to drink sake.The food she dislikes most are pickled goods, whether floweries or pickled puffins, who have an unacceptable stench and regard them as impure (hoping to see their appointment promptly).In general, the official in depicting characters, this is quite unique, therefore in the 2.5 version, hope to be able to use the thor and eight heavy god son the story of the past, let us have a good understanding, rice wife hidden secret, if you have any other ideas, can say, let’s discuss together.