Yi Yangqianxi: the characters are the top idols of his people

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As the year 2022 begins, New Year’s Movies have been released.Jackson Yi is undoubtedly the biggest winner among them, starring in the watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake and The Miracle Of stupid Children, both box office and critical praise.At a young age, he is the first actor to star in a movie box office of more than 10 billion yuan, and has won a number of heavyweight film awards.If you read his calligraphy, you know why he is so good.When he was young, his mother gave him many training classes in order to cultivate Yi Yangqianxi, such as dance classes, piano classes, magic classes…, one of which was the calligraphy class, from then on Yi Yangqianxi and calligraphy formed a destiny.Yi’s family was not well off, and his mother quit her job to accompany him to Beijing.It took several hours to go to the training class every day, and he spent his childhood shuttling between different cram schools, so he had to make great efforts to live up to his parents’ expectations.It also makes Yi more mature than his peers.Since his debut as a member of TFBOYS, his passion for calligraphy has never changed.When he was on the stage of Tiantian Upward in 2014, he sent a pair of couplets to Tiantian brothers, “Great music and wind dance, true love and love are long”. When Wang Han looked at them, she said bluntly, “From the look of it, I knew I had practiced it in my childhood.”After the program, he presented the Danish Ambassador to China Pedersen with a calligraphy work “A Violent Party”, and in 2017 as the Danish national tourism image spokesperson, and presented the calligraphy work “Fairy Tale Kingdom”.Tong zigong’s calligraphy skills enabled him to display the brilliance of traditional Chinese culture in this era of writing and forgetting characters.In ancient times, people often said, “The style is the man.”If a person’s heart is clear and kind, upright upward, then the person’s word will not be bad.In the big dyeing VAT of the entertainment circle, yi Yangqianxi can be said to be a clean stream with such excellent and delicate calligraphy.From the first day of abuse, and then a voice of doubt, it seems that everyone at that time did not look good on this childlike boy, but Yi Yangqianxi has been in this confusing world has maintained the quiet and slow calligraphy.Yi Yangqianxi’s regular script works take Yan Zhenqing as the template, the font is upright, skilled brushwork, has a mature and stable quality.His running script works are also very free and easy, the essence of every word, also all reveal a kind of ancient taste.This has a lot to do with his hard practice of calligraphy when he grew up.At the launch conference of “Thinking beauty”, he wrote “searching up and down” while chanting songs of Chu.He is personally for his Alma mater “peach fragrance”, the principal also gave him “moral and artistic double xin” four word works, which let a lot of people know that this good young man is proficient in calligraphy.He also revealed that his favorite font is lean gold.Thin gold font is a font created by Zhao Ji, Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty. It is a unique font.And lean metal is very difficult, many people are afraid to try.In hunan Mid-Autumn Festival night, Yi Yangqianxi wrote on the spot “happy and full moon”, its handwriting is thin, but with a resolute force.Later, he gave himself a calligraphy work “Ingenuus” at his birthday party, which was also praised by netizens.He also often practice thin body, so when writing appears to be at ease.After watching Young You, Carina Lau said, “FROM Jackson Yee’s eyes, I can see his” fire “as an actor. He must have a bright future!”Yi yangcheon-xi broke a ligament in an accident while shooting Jangjin Lake, but he had to crawl to the scene on his knees.Although he was in his early twenties and thin, he worked so hard to finish his work as an actor.Yeah, that’s why he loves lean metal.Yi yangqianxi’s hard work and commitment are all incisively and vividly displayed in his calligraphy. No matter what font he tries, his characters have a steady and calm charm.Jackson Yi made his debut eight years ago, appearing on the Spring Festival Gala seven times. From singer to actor, his first film, Young You, won the Best New Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.All the way precipitation can be seen in his calligraphy works, and now the top flow idol, he is never impetuous.Talent and quality qi high, a positive he never put down the hands of the pen to continue to write the struggle of life.