Rise only this prepare for an examination major cancels recruit students, how should do?

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In 2022, all provinces are announcing their enrollment plans and enrollment plans. Some provinces are registering and filling out voluntary applications.Recently, when summarizing the recruitment professional consultation, xiaobian found that many colleges and universities have adjusted the recruitment major this year, especially published colleges and universities, a lot of recruitment stop.A quick look at the weibo post bar will reveal Sheng himself complaining about the temporary cancellation of his major.Yunnan: two public universities (Honghe University and Kunming Medical University) have stopped recruiting students and only one public university (Qujing Normal University) has retained one major.In 2021, Huashang College of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics and Jinci College of Shanxi Medical University will suspend enrollment of students majoring in higher education.Do you feel flustered when you see these messages?Public colleges and universities will shrink, in fact, this is not strange, before two years each announced colleges and universities began to shrink measures, in 2021 many provinces only this enrollment plan, can clearly see the number of public colleges and universities in the “reduction”, from each province, Hubei, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Hebei and so on have this tendency.According to the university enrollment plan for 2021 released by Chongqing, a total of 20,582 students will be enrolled in 21 universities.Among them, nine private colleges plan to enroll 15,700 students, while 12 public colleges only enroll 4,882 students, which is more than three times higher than public colleges.In the future, the enrollment of private undergraduate colleges will be more favorable.In the future, colleges will be run by the local people.This is the current mainstream trend, 22 years still.What about the major cancellation for Sheng himself?First of all, don’t panic, and don’t give up easily.Although some major cancelled recruit students, but also added a lot of major, still have choice space very much, still cannot choose the major that suits you?And, add major basically is to cancel major several times, the likelihood you still can enter oneself for an examination because this a few more the choice of major.For the examinee is the reference appendix, cancel the specialty are basically entrance exam, more than one college recruit students, if you cancel your admissions to review for a long time the goal of colleges and universities, can consider to settle for second best choose other colleges, or in accordance with the own review plan step-by-step review it, after all the examination and tide wait for no man, time is limited in professional risk is bigger.If you really do not have a very good choice, it is only the sword to go astray, in the policy provisions of the change of major or cross-major preparation!Many students do not know whether it is feasible to change their major, in fact, the simplest test method is to take a careful look at the teaching material to cross major.One time on the line, if really can be more smoothly read one time, on behalf of knowledge is not too difficult to grasp, you can consider crossing this major (after the decision, will intensive reading two times, rather than about to see).If you’re having trouble reading the textbook, change it. Don’t waste your time.Note: if you want to change your major, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the policy before changing. It is not recommended to blindly follow the crowd!Above is rise only this prepare for an examination major cancels recruit students, how should do?You can leave a message below if you want to know about the exam information. We will arrange the relevant content for you later. Please pay attention to the “Chuan Love Sheng This home”.