Heavy father’s love!A man in East China’s Shandong Province took his daughter down a slide, then rolled over and pulled her off

2022-05-18 0 By

Some time ago, in the shandong jinan, a father with a daughter slide video let netizen laugh cry, video display, holiday father play in the park with my daughter, daughter want to play when it saw the slide, and dad was afraid her daughter would produce risk, see daughter accompanied him on the other side of the slide down, just dad’s weight, faster his daughter was left behind,Finally, he pulled his daughter to the top of his slide, the daughter also fell on his head, was scared to cry.Mother said, father is also afraid of her daughter injured, thinking of playing with her slide, did not expect this result, daughter was not injured, just scared, father coaxed in the side for a long time to stop crying, feeling or quite funny, father is a game black hole.Netizens are abuzz about it:”Was only a heavy fatherly love, no daddy on the side, sure my daughter had a special time, dad is disruptive to the” pure “when there is no danger, dad is the greatest danger, this is nothing wrong with that feeling is also very admire my father was an idea very” “there is a love called to let go, look dad didn’t learn to,Children grow up a few more years will understand, what is called children need their own space “in my opinion, father to the children, his heart is good for children, but sometimes it is quite funny, there will always be only children grow up, parents really need to learn to let go, and then let the children to grow,That’s when you realize you’re the one you can’t live without, not your child.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.