Educated youth past: 30 years of sharing joys and sorrows with his wife in the countryside, but his wife did not share his happiness

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Zhao Xiaojun, now in his 70s, lives with his son, Zhao Wei, who graduated from Peking University and is now a business executive. Zhao also has a daughter, who is also very promising. She graduated from Nankai University and now runs her own company with her husband.Zhao Xiaojun although the old man is very happy now, but in those days their home life is very poor, Zhao Xiaojun once lived in northern Shaanxi for 30 years, 1998 returned to Beijing life, let Zhao Xiaojun regret is his wife Wang Ailing accompany him to share the joys and sorrows of 30 years, but did not have time to enjoy the happiness on the early death.His wife Wang Ailing is zhao Xiaojun in northern Shaanxi when the platoon know, this unforgettable past, Zhao Xiaojun now think is still difficult to forget.Xiao-jun zhao in 1968, graduated from high school, respond to a nation called on to the northern shaanxi ganquan liang brigade became a educated youth, and xiao-jun zhao together more than 50 people, educated youth there are 15 female educated youth, xiao-jun zhao is the tallest in educated youth, because the number of cut in line, part of the educated youth arrangement in the person of hometown home,Zhao Xiaojun was arranged to live in the home of fellow wang Yaowu.Wang Yaowu had eight brothers and sisters. Because his family was poor since he was a child, Wang Yaowu didn’t get married until he was thirty years old. It may be that Wang Yaowu’s fate was not good.Because the upper beam brigade in a ditch inside, the traffic is inconvenient, the life of the villagers are not rich, Wang Yaowu’s family is poor, because Wang Yaowu’s wife has been in bad health, the perennial need to take medicine.Wang Yaowu is usually responsible for feeding the team of two cows and a sheep, because of the years of hard work a little hunchback, Wang Ailing will help her father to manage the housework after graduating from junior high school, Wang Ailing is very sensible, work quickly and seriously, but a little introverted personality.Wang yao-wu home a total of three caves, xiao-jun zhao one lived on the west a cave, the cave is new, is wang yao-wu ready to give her daughter’s marriage room, xiao-jun zhao first moved to wang yao-wu home, still have some not accustomed to, xiao-jun zhao are all up very early every morning, all the yard from the inside out to clean it again.Ai-ling wang also specially made a pair of cloth shoes, for xiao-jun zhao xiao-jun zhao to wear rubber boots have very old, xiao-jun zhao usually follow wang yao-wu cut grass and sheep, and wang yao-wu is not on xiao-jun zhao, physical labor is xiao-jun zhao in the dry, xiao-jun zhao also have no complaints, although xiao-jun zhao is in town, got to work but is unambiguous,Wang Yaowu is also very satisfied with Zhao Xiaojun’s performance.To northern Shaanxi the first year of the Spring Festival, the team to each fellow home points a half catty meat, Zhao Xiaojun came to northern Shaanxi this year has not seen a little meat, Wang Ailing with this half catty meat wrapped a meal of dumplings, Zhao Xiaojun looked at the bowl of dumplings, the heart can not say sad.To northern shaanxi in the third year, wang yao-wu was injured at work, fell in disability, for ai-ling wang, the blow to her at that time the difficult to accept, xiao-jun zhao wang yao-wu home three years, have already become family relations, Wang Yao my sick hospitalization, xiao-jun zhao again pay, ai-ling wang xiao-jun zhao heart filled with gratitude.In 1973, li Xingjun, the captain of the team, made the match, and Wang Ailing married Zhao Xiaojun. In fact, after five years of getting along with Zhao Xiaojun and Wang Ailing, they had already connected with each other. Marriage was a natural thing.And ai-ling wang after marriage, the family of the burden falls upon the xiao-jun zhao, before marry ai-ling wang xiao-jun zhao has been think it over, to share the joys and sorrows with ai-ling wang, after getting married, ai-ling wang give xiao-jun zhao gave birth to a son and a woman, you have children at home after day more is not easy, xiao-jun zhao depends on parents to live,In 1978, Zhao xiaojun took his wife and children to visit his family for the first time. He didn’t stay for a few days before returning to northern Shaanxi.In 1981, Zhao Xiaojun, as a left-behind educated youth, became a repairman in the county agricultural machinery Factory two, Wang Ailing has been at home to take care of the children and parents, fortunately, Zhao Xiaojun’s two children are very sensible, and the academic performance is very good, which makes Zhao Xiaojun feel very pleased.In 1995 xiao-jun zhao’s son and daughter, has admitted to the university, in this year, wang yao-wu and his wife passed away, over the years in order to take care of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, xiao-jun zhao ten years, only two back home, because home life depend on xiao-jun zhao one in maintaining, life has been very poor, the family has been still live in old house.Until the two children graduated from university, zhao Xiaojun’s home days just began to improve, can enjoy a few days of Qing Fu Wang Ailing, but in 2003 when the accidental examination of liver cancer, Zhao Xiaojun’s heart is very sad, not easy to get through the most difficult days, did not think of but happened.After Wang Ailing died, Zhao Xiaojun went back to Beijing with his son Zhao Wei. After so many years, whenever he thought of his wife wang Ailing, Zhao Xiaojun could not help crying. He said that the most sorry person in his life was his wife Wang Ailing.