What TV series is Song Ningyu and Gu Yao

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Song Ningyu and Gu Yao are characters in the TV series Mr Love.The TV series “Mr. Love” is directed by Yao Xiaofeng, Jin Dong, Jiang Shuying, Li Naiwen, Li Zonghan, Xin Zhilei, Tian Yu, Song Yanfei, Ni Dahong and other co-stars of the urban emotional drama.Teleplay “love Mr” told about Cheng Hao, Zhang Mingyang and Zou Beiye encounter the man of different affection problem 3 times, through one time effort, they found an appropriate partner with oneself eventually, while harvesting love, they also harvest the story that grows.In the TV series Mr. Love, Song Ningyu, played by Lee Zonghan, is a lover.Song encountered Luo yue on the plane, then launched a fierce pursuit of her.Unlike direct confessions such as flowers, dates and movies, Song learned about Luo’s family environment and upbringing and gave him the “care” and protection he most needed.Compared with Cheng Hao, he may not be able to explain love theories clearly, but he can capture a woman’s heart in every movement and detail.Xin Zhilei played gu Yao, is a medical university campus flower, bright personality, temperament outstanding.She is not only cheng Hao’s classmate, but also cheng Hao’s dream lover.Even after many years, Cheng Hao still remembers her.Mr. Love depicts the group image of men and women in the city, and reflects the problems of men and women in the city in a “light comedy” way.Not only did the show promote the career of “love consultants”, it also taught many men and women how to express love.Though pitched as an urban emotional drama, it eschews hard-nosed bickering and deep grudges in favor of character design.