Created “hongzhi zte” Zhu You door frame, why life only a companion?

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The ancient Greek philosopher Plato proposed a kind of love model, known as Platonic love, that is, people only love in the spiritual aspect, no physical contact.People always have to laugh when they hear this, it’s so childish, can you do it even if you think like this?Especially the ancient emperors, that is more amorous, of course, there are some exceptions.When it comes to imperial concubines in ancient China, emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty comes to mind first.His doting on Yang Guifei could not be better.But xuanzong had more than 20 sons, none of which was born to Yang Guifei.Say he dote on Yang Guifei, do you believe?On top of that, he was rumored to be having an affair with Yang guifei’s sister.Well, move a stool to sit in front of me to do what, roll aside, a eat rice goods, good this mouthful, see you that point of achievement!Then people will think of another emperor, Yang Jian, the founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty. Yang Jian’s love story with queen Dugu is praised by many people. All five sons were born to the same mother.Later, however, emperor Wen of sui could not stand the domineer of Empress Dugu. He was so angry that he ran away from home and complained to his ministers, “I am the son of Heaven and I shall not be free!”What do you mean, trying to get a concubine? The queen says no!Throughout the ages, human beings have been longing for beautiful and pure love, hope that their soul is beautiful and poetic, hope that their behavior is clean and pure.But there are a few people who live exactly as they imagine, who are very sure of their state, who feel that they are living honestly and seriously, in the bondage of desire, in the oppression of institutions, in the pain of natural and man-made disasters.Some people might claim that they are perfectly happy, that they live their lives exactly as they want.But from the way he moved, you could feel that his soul was trapped by his body.What have you to argue with such an affected man!Get to business, let’s say our hero today, he called Zhu You door frame, this word read cheng, a, pillar meaning.He was the ninth emperor of the Ming Dynasty. During his tenure, he made great efforts in governance and frugality, and initiated the revival of the Ming Dynasty after the chaos of orthodoxy and transformation.For his year was hongzhi.Ming xiao zong Zhu You in history of a major feature, it is that he has unique characteristics stand out from the crowd, it is that he has only a concubine, it is his queen Zhang Shi, this is also its only sexual partner, all his life, he is always special favor one person.So I said, just one girlfriend.In modern times, this is the best man!Xianzong Zhu Jiancheng what? What? You said he was an emperor.No, that’s it. He only has one girlfriend.Of all the girls in his harem, he only has one girlfriend.And he’s the only guy in there. No, he’s the only guy.This guy is out of his mind!Ah, brother, you are how think after all, you say to me, you rest assured, I do not prescribe medicine to you, I understand your illness namely!To truly understand the idiosyncrasies of Emperor Xiaozong, you have to start with his cosmic singularity.Ming Xiao Zong’s grandfather was Ming Ying Zong Zhu Qi town.This brother went out with half a million men to fight the Mongols, and they got a whole bunch.Most of all, he got caught himself.The arrest of an emperor is the first news in the world.No, I’m just a tourist.I’m not here to fight you.No! Hey, what are you doing? Don’t tie me up! Easy, easy!His father was only two years old that year.The second uncle, Zhu Qiyu, succeeded.Soon his father was dethroned as crown prince and put into the cold palace.There was a woman who stood by his side steadfastly all this time, who took care of his food, his house, and his shelter.This is the queen mother sent to take care of his maid-in-waiting Wan Zhen son, the future power of the sky Wan Guifei.Wan Zhener is 17 years older than his father, Zhu Jiashen.His father was two years old and Wan Was 19.Hongzhi emperor wind and rain erosion, eight years later, his grandfather Zhu Qi town and magically sat on the throne, father also became prince.It’s time to get married.How does his grandfather smack it how feel strange, this Wan Zhen son and son how not like a master servant relationship, like a lover relationship.Boy, my son has such a taste.Grandpa, of course, was adamantly opposed, but his father was, to use the lines in the movie, hooked, and he developed a deep psychological attachment to Wan Zhener!This Wan Zhen son had a shortcoming, did not leave a son for his father Zhu Jiashen, the son died early.Once when my father was wandering around the palace, he met a very beautiful mother from Guangxi and fell in love with her immediately.And he won!When the jealous Concubine Wan heard that the maid was pregnant, she sent her palace servants to abort the pregnancy.The maid saw that her mother’s belly was getting bigger, so she couldn’t bear to tell her that she had a tumor in her stomach and wasn’t pregnant.In this way, his mother carefully gave birth to him in the palace walls of the imperial palace, in the imposing manner of wan Guifei.The palace is full of princess Wan’s eyes, the slightest mistake, the child will die.So he stayed in a dark corner, never to see the sun, never to go outside to play like other children.Every day, his mother or a kind palace official would carefully bring him something to eat. In fact, it was just a steamed bun or even a little green vegetables.Wan Guifei days and days, wan Guifei heard a bit of news, she sent eunuch Zhang Min to get rid of the baby boy, the eunuch saw the child, heart pity, not only did not kill him, but also hid him.Oh, forget this time his grandfather Zhu Qi zhen had died, his father also early became the emperor.I spent five years hunched in a dark corner, five years starving.Five years later, one morning, eunuch Zhang Min was combing the hair of Emperor Zhu Jiashen of the Ming Dynasty. Emperor Xian suddenly said, “I am old and have no son.”Zhang Min seized the opportunity and quickly told The story to Xian Zong.When the Emperor saw that fetal hair has no reason of the son, yellow and thin, emperor can not help holding his son cried!Soon, his mother, who had been made an imperial concubine, died suddenly!Eunuch Zhang Min was also found to swallow gold suicide!For such a small life, countless people paid their own life and future!Hongzhi cabinet chenghua 23 years, Xian Zong finished his absurd and affectionate 41 years, Ming Xiao Zong Zhu You throne!What happens next when a life that had been tortured and bullied becomes the ruler of the Ming dynasty?When the qing Dynasty Fu Lin in power, he will have the uncle Duo ergun dug out whip corpse;Wu Zixu in order to avenge his father’s death, after capturing the capital of Chu, the King of Chu dug up whip corpse.When Ming filial piety zhu You throne, also someone suggested to him to dig out ten thousand concubine whip corpse, but Zhu You used a this against my father’s will and denied.He did not kill or, at best, exile any of those who had done so much evil.Years of hone did not dye a soul, and let him appreciate the importance of kindness.Just like his attitude towards marriage, he had only one queen and one companion all his life. He talked about poetry and painting with her, and walked happily and exclusively through life.As a result of the destruction of childhood, Zhu You lived only 35 years old, 18 years in office, but swept away the evils of the previous dynasty, created the “Hongzhi zte”.It has always been highly appraised by historians!