“Country Love 16” boot, finally ushered in the New Year drama, winter drama will increase

2022-05-17 0 By

While “Country Love 14” is still on the air, “Country Love 16” has officially started filming, and some of the footage has been revealed, and it’s clear from the photos that it’s going to be even more exciting.If you’re a big fan of Country Love, you may have noticed that in the past few films, there were so few winter scenes, and most of them were about summer.This is understandable, since The series is shot in northeast China, where winter can be extremely cold, so the cast chose to shoot in summer for practical reasons.However, many audiences still feel very sorry, because the cold is also one of the characteristics of the northeast, many people are very yearning for the northeast winter, especially the appearance of the New Year.Now the opportunity has come, “Country Love 16” chose to start filming recently, which also indicates that the story of the whole TV series will be in the winter, when a lot of northeast China’s winter natural scenery will be displayed.According to the exposure of the poster can see, we will enjoy the ivory Mountain New Year’s day, Xie Yongqiang’s home hung red lanterns, affixed with couplets and the word “fu”, is really full of flavor.And Xie Yongqiang and Wang Xiaomeng led three children, carrying a lot of things, as if to go out to pay a New Year’s visit, a family of five dressed also particularly festive.With the filming of “Country Love” one after another, the children also slowly grow up, through the poster can be seen, Xie Tengfei is taller than Wang Xiaomeng, has become a big boy.Tenglong and Tengfeng also grew up, according to this, ivory hill of the old people will slowly withdraw from the stage of history, may be really like netizens guess, this play to take Xie Teng Teng eighty birthday.In addition, we also saw xie Yongqiang in his yard holding a broom photo, Xie Guangkun in the side with his finger to his head, it seems xie Guangkun will continue to “demon”.In addition to Xie Guangkun, we also saw the “ivory Mountain small zhuge” Liu Neng figure, it seems that Wang Xiaoli will continue to participate in the shooting of the 16th part, the overall cast, the change is not very big.In fact, from the beginning of the fourteenth, the drama in winter is obviously increased, for a lot of northeast like the audience, also be satisfied, for such a drama about rural life in the northeast region, the drama in winter is more worthy of expectation, we think