Clean!Kwai Chung to celebrate Spring Festival by sending couplets

2022-05-17 0 By

Gen/shenzhen commercial daily reporter Tan Biao correspondent Huang qi To the Spring Festival approaching, to promote clean, clean the feast good atmosphere, recently, kwai chung office launch “worship is inexpensive, LianJian feast” as the theme of “Spring Festival couplets, budget year” spring-heralding blessing activities, will the red culture and honest cultural elements into the traditional winter jasmine in the customs.Activity site, calligrapher brush splashes ink, writing rich in “traditional culture, clean elements, good family style, moral standards” and other elements of the Spring Festival couplets, “family style is clean years have a celebration, moral end heart from wide” “old Yang Zhengqi build beautiful dapeng, welcome the New Year to promote development build clean Kwai Chung”…A sentence of honest maxim with a taste of the New Year flowing from the end of the pen, a stroke vigorous, a swing party.”Fu” word and “lian” word, a deputy both welcome the New Year to say farewell to the old good wishes, but also contains the incorruptible meaning of the message leapt on the paper, by the majority of party members and cadres and the masses of love.Kwai chung JiGongWei, said an official with the year end is also the “off”. “cheap” is not only the New Year blessing, is also a honest reminder, in this to clean reminder in the form of the traditional culture, to remind the party member cadre “year”, and build a “water off”, constantly strengthen the party member cadre honest consciousness and safety consciousness, build strong honest cultural atmosphere and good politics.For days, kwai chung JiGongWei adhere to combine integrity, culture and traditional festivals, such as “New Year’s day, Spring Festival” on holiday, and distribute clean SMS alerts, posters clean way, active play to east rift headquarters site and east rift discipline education center and other honest education bases, education to guide the broad masses of party members and cadres disciplined, honesty and self-discipline, fear, keep the bottom line,Transfer integrity to good energy.Review: Sun Shijian tian Jun