Vanke Yu Liang: industry shrink table out and into the black iron era, where is the opportunity for real estate people?

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Yesterday, Vanke Yu Liang’s speech at the 2022 Vanke annual meeting began to spread. Vanke judged that real estate has entered the era of black iron, and made its own judgment from the aspects of strategy, organization and people according to the characteristics of the era of black iron.Vanke judges that the real estate industry has entered the stage of shrinking balance sheet clearing is based on the policy of de-financialization.The state should not allow real estate to occupy too much financial resources, nor should residents be allowed to carry a high debt burden by buying houses, because these financial resources do not effectively support the real economy.Real estate industry returns to people’s livelihood, do not expect the price to rise, the corresponding real estate development profit into about 10% of the black iron era.For real estate talents, the first need to adjust mentality, adjust expectations, go all out!The golden era and even the silver Era due to the overall industry profit is relatively high, on the one hand, the real estate industry talent treatment is relatively high, especially some with investment companies some real estate people with investment income can reach millions, even tens of millions of years, such era will not be again;Industry of tolerance will not too high on the other hand, vanke, and other companies in the era of gold and silver project is to make money, just earn earn less, and by the black iron age, in the industry as a whole profits remain at around 10%, many projects, which link, whether it’s a little gap is likely to make project into a loss.Therefore, don’t hold the mentality that entering the real estate industry can make a lot of money, you need to do a good job conscientiously and conscientiously, and always go all out, and constantly improve their professional ability, it is possible to survive in this industry.Vanke gets inspiration from BYD. Byd does not make glass and tires by itself, but does everything by itself, because if it assembles them with other suppliers, it will be impossible to make money if they assemble them by themselves on the basis of 10% profit of those suppliers. In the era of black iron in the real estate industry,Many companies in the real estate industry are expected to enter more upstream and downstream industries. In the case of the reduction of mainstream real estate development positions, real estate developers need to consider not only focusing on real estate development positions, but also entering the upstream and downstream industries.This we feel clear lake, has been opening up new channel, it is walking into the real estate development of upstream and downstream industry, many real estate companies is expected to walk the same path, recently we received a real estate company looking for the position of head of demand, domestic outfit for real estate company, such a development path has auxiliary to the real estate development business,And there are a lot of resources that are connected and available.Therefore, you can pay more attention to real estate companies such as construction, decoration, and even manufacturing related positions.Real estate into the era of black iron need real estate people have more sense of management and cost awareness, Vanke Yu Liang have stressed that the plane as far as possible to choose economic warehouse, which is not only conducive to the formation of thrift consciousness, but also the actual cost savings.For every real estate developer, no matter what position he or she holds, he or she should not take the road of extravagance and waste as before. I think evergrande landscape used to use big trees, which are tens of thousands of pieces each. Although this is not the main reason for evergrande’s collapse, we can still see the extravagance and waste of the previous real estate industry in details.In China Overseas, although real estate projects are synonymous with high quality, the culture of double-sided printing must always be maintained, which is a sense and culture of thrift.In addition, real estate owners must pay attention to:Vanke’s anticipation, the “house” is used to live in this area, the policy may be slightly relax, so under the condition of the market overall shrinkage table cleared out, the future need to pay attention to is the person, the matching relationship between the land and housing may change, core, major cities housing supply will increase, in the past some for purchase wait for a reason is not meet the demand of the improvement of the future possibility of release.Vanke itself will focus on its advantages and pay more attention to key areas.Therefore, regional and urban differences may become larger in the future. As can be seen from the fact that most of the real estate companies in 2021 belong to those focusing on the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, the future of the real estate industry lies in the influx of population into cities and the first and second tier cities.Real estate of people in choosing a job need to pay more attention to regional and city, between family and work cities need to pay more attention to the choice of working city, in fact we also see a lot of real estate from the early stages of career choice to developed cities, finally also settled in developed cities, professional also got very good development, don’t be too attached to their hometown.When real estate entered the black Iron age, it was assumed that there would be no general boom of the gold or silver age, and that regions and cities would become more and more important in the future, both for jobs and for homes.Headhunter Hu Zhaojun, workplace to help you win!Follow me for workplace power at any time!