China Ping 12 people participated in the first Grand Slam, 3 veterans participated, Chen Xingtong ushered in a change of fortune opportunity

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According to the official WTT World Table Tennis Federation, the 2022 WTT Grand Slam will be held in Singapore from July 7 to 20.This is the first time the WTT Grand Slam has been held by the World Table Tennis Federation.The WTT Grand Slam is the highest level event in the WTT series and features the best table tennis players in the world.The WTT Grand Slam offers big prize money as well as high points.The high prize money will attract many excellent players to participate in the tournament, and the high score will affect the pattern of the world table tennis circle, and many people’s world ranking will change drastically because of the Grand Slam tournament.The top table tennis players in the world will want to play.The grand Slam will feature five events, with 64 players competing in men’s and women’s singles, 24 couples in men’s and women’s doubles, and 16 mixed doubles.For this session of WTT Grand Slam event in Singapore, China Ping attaches great importance to it and will send the best athletes to participate.Recently, the International Table Tennis Federation and the World Table Tennis Federation announced the player list of the first WTT Grand Slam, and confirmed that China Ping has 12 players to participate.The male team members are Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Liang Jingkun, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Chuqin. The female team members are Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong and Liu Shiwen.Three veterans got a chance to play again.The selection for this competition, very fair and impartial, is based entirely on the world ranking.For example, the 6 men’s table tennis players are the 6 players with the highest ranking in China.Female table tennis 6 slightly different.Sun Yingsha, no. 1 in the world, Chen Meng, No. 2 in the world, Wang Manyu, No. 4 in the world and Wang Yidi, No. 5 in the world were all selected.The next is the world no. 13 Ding Ning, she has retired, naturally can not compete, ranked by the 14th Chen Xingtong replacement.Zhu Yuling ranked 16th, estimated that the body has not fully recovered, by the world no. 17 Liu Shiwen to replace.This arrangement is still very reasonable, there is no favor vote, completely rely on the ranking competition.It was reported that there were 32 players in the table tennis team, but in the end there were only 12 players in the table tennis team, which was very good.I believe they will achieve great results.Top players from other associations will probably want to play as well.After the WTT Grand Slam in March, the next step is the Team World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu in April.There will be five men and five women in the table tennis competition.The 10 players are likely to be selected from the players who competed in the WTT Grand Slam.Five out of six, that’s not gonna be the best one.It is estimated that the China table tennis coaching staff will consider the world ranking and the WTT Grand Slam results comprehensively.The players will take this tournament very seriously.It’s going to be another headache for the coaching staff.The men’s table tennis is really hard to choose, these six players are very good.The same is true for women table tennis.Female table tennis is a very suitable group of players.What’s interesting is that all three are on the list.Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu have hit a world, achieved good achievements, the world ranking is also very high.Sun Yingsha ranked no. 1 in the world.Chen Xingtong is still hovering.This competition will be a great opportunity for Chen Xingtong.If he can get a good result, preferably win the title, his world ranking will improve and he can compete for a chance to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships.Then I can win the gold medal in the World Table Tennis Championships with my teammates.It’s definitely good for her future.I don’t know if she can take this chance.If we don’t catch it this time, we’ll never get another chance.To know there are a lot of young players behind the rise of the table tennis coaching staff can not always give her a chance.It is said that the masters of the foreign association will also participate in the competition, including the Day ping zhang Benzhi and ITO Meicheng and other players.This will add to the excitement of the event, and the fans are blessed.This time the foreign association players had to attend.The first is the lure of big bonuses.The WTT Grand Slam has a total prize money of $2 million, with $100,000 each for the male and female singles winners.As long as the players participate, there is a good entry prize.For what purpose do athletes practice for so long?Isn’t it all about the money?There’s no point in training when there’s a prize.Don’t say the day ping players don’t like the bonus, it’s just not attractive enough, plus there are other concerns.The second is high integration.The singles champion has 2000 points, the same as the world Table Tennis Championships and Olympic Games.Can they not attend?If you don’t, you will fall behind in points and your ranking will be lower, making it harder for you to play in important events.Therefore, the players of high quality will participate and try their best to win the place.Just wait for the great game.