Carry forward the traditional culture and protect the spiritual home of the three teachers in action!

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In recent years, the third division city, complete and accurate new era to fully implement the party’s governance xinjiang strategy, promoting cultural project of xinjiang, vigorously carry forward the Chinese excellent traditional culture, is committed to the grass-roots level, the Chinese excellent traditional culture into schools, organize the paper-cut, all sorts of activities such as beads, woodcut printmaking, town worker masses, youth actively involved,Lay a solid foundation for the Chinese excellent traditional culture to take root and sprout in Sanshtumushuk city.This winter holiday, the “creative paper cutting” extracurricular interest class of no.44 Regiment Yongan Town was officially opened.In class, the teacher shows his paper-cut works to the children.Carefully explained the paper cutting technology essentials, and hands-on demonstration, with scissors dancing up and down, a beautiful paper cutting works appeared in front of the children.The teacher taught the children step by step until they cut out beautiful shapes and collage the paper cuttings into works.I saw the children to learn with scissors in one hand, paper in the other hand, sometimes seriously thinking, sometimes hands-on, all look focused, like a small paper-cut artist.Sheets of coloured paper turned into shapes in their hands.The children are actively involved in learning how to cut paper in a relaxed and happy atmosphere and cut out the beautiful patterns in their hearts.Paper cutting is a treasure of Chinese folk art. It is not only a unique folk art in China, but also a practical activity with both hands and brain.”Creative paper cutting” interest class, starting from the needs of the company staff and the masses, to cultivate children’s hands-on ability, let the children grow up in the company’s care.Learning paper cutting this traditional ethnic art, but also enrich children’s after-school life, cultivate children’s all-round development.The interest class was well received by parents, who also hoped that the company would carry out more and more distinctive cultural training to enrich the spare time life of the company staff and masses.On February 9, more than 20 students are learning to make beaded products in the winter vacation class of no. 1 Primary school of Qianhai Town, no.3 Division 45th Regiment.In the classroom, beaded products can be seen everywhere, from large red Chinese knots to strings of red peppers, which symbolize good harvest.Under the guidance of teachers, students can easily experience handicrafts making.On the production site, the teacher introduced to the students the preparation of materials and tools, the mastery of techniques and the production steps of the work in simple and easy to understand language combined with intuitive demonstration.Students are patient and dedicated to the production of handmade works, from time to time also heard everyone happy laughter.It is reported that the teacher has to teach more than 20 classes a week, and the students are very interested in learning. The finished beads will be sold in the bazaar, and the income will be used to buy raw materials, so as to realize a virtuous circle in which the finished products have places to go and the production has materials.Paper-cutting classes are also busy and fulfilling.There are a variety of paper-cut works on display in the paper-cut classroom. The teacher is busy telling the students about the steps of selecting samples, tracing samples, cutting samples and gluing finished products. At the same time, he tells the students to use tools carefully to ensure the safety and order of paper-cut production.In the dance studio, the students lined up and followed their teacher through exercises.Town overall resources, development platform, combining the reality of community education, active play to the educational services, fully utilizing the existing social learning resources, by setting up paper-cut and bead weaving products such as manual class interest in training, meet the demand of diversification of students, enrich the students’ holiday life, to bring them in to experience the fun of learning, cultivate interest in the activities at the same time,The excellent traditional Chinese culture will be studied on campus and passed on outside the campus.On November 2, 2021, Tuanzhen No. 1 Primary School was identified by the Ministry of Education as the National Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance school for primary and secondary schools.In 2022, Tuanzhen No. 1 Primary School will continue to expand the channels of after-school practical education for students, strengthen the after-school practical education for students, provide a variety of after-school learning activities, let students go out of campus, create a relaxed, happy, free and colorful after-school life for students, and vigorously promote the excellent Traditional Chinese culture.During the winter vacation, the first primary school version studio in the town of Golden Hu Yang, the third division 53 group, was filled with students. They were busy with the painting version in their hands, making, carving, inking, rubbing…Under the guidance of the teacher, a vivid, childlike woodcut prints were born.Second-year student Mairebia Ainiyan is a member of the printmaking society.After three days of hard work, her engraving finally took shape, and when the rubbing was finished, a beautiful black and white landscape print emerged.Since joining the printmaking society, her painting and carving skills have improved a lot, and woodcut printmaking has also become her hobby.”I love woodcut prints now, and my parents want me to be good at painting, so they support me.”She said.Printmaking, as a traditional art of the Chinese nation, is called “printing” out of painting.By means of printing, it transfers images to substrates such as wood, fabric and synthetic materials, integrating painting and manual production.From the selection of materials to the completion of a piece of work, is a long process, requires concentration, careful, patience, can cultivate students’ interests and specialties, but also temper the strong quality of students hard-working.Since 2021, Tuanzhen No.1 Primary School has carried out a variety of club activities, including 55 club activities such as sports, fine arts and art, during school hours every day.The school takes the comprehensive development of students as its teaching focus. Professional teachers of all classes and classes work closely together to cultivate students’ interests that are more suitable for their own development and cultivate batches of tough, persistent and dedicated generations of the XPCC.In September 2021, Tuanzhen No. 1 Primary School was rated as the National Excellent Traditional Culture Inheritance School.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: