Total investment over 130 million yuan!Bidding for the design of nancheng Hospital expansion and quality improvement project

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On February 11, the reporter learned from dongguan public resources transaction network that the deadline for bidding announcement of “Nancheng Hospital capacity expansion and quality Improvement phase I reconstruction Project design” was February 24.The total investment of the project is 135,136,000 yuan. The construction includes civil construction and decoration works and installation works, and a total of 309 beds are provided.Nancheng Hospital expansion and Quality Improvement Phase I reconstruction project is located in Hongji Building, Hongfu Road, Nancheng city, Dongguan City, with convenient transportation.After the renovation, the building has a total construction area of 24943.83 square meters (excluding the corridor and sewage treatment station), with 13 floors on the ground and a maximum building height of 49.95 meters, and a total of 309 beds.The main construction content includes civil engineering decoration and installation engineering.The project will construct a supporting corridor of 846.09 square meters and a sewage treatment station of 346.07 square meters.The bidding documents, project construction decoration design should fully consider the function of the hospital and requirements, according to its space, color, environmental factors such as design and the use of decorative materials and textures, select the design and layout, make it more conform to the requirements of the use function under the premise of more economical, practical, concise, elegant, beautiful.The design scheme should be novel and unique, and the grade of the project match, pay attention to the decoration style and effect.The project design includes:One layer to the lobby, equipment room, two layer to the image, the emergency department, charge window, 3 layer instead of ultrasound, the son, obstetrics, outpatient cashier, TCM pharmacy, outpatient pharmacy, etc., 4 layer instead of surgery, orthopaedics, internal medicine, pediatrics, clinical laboratory, etc, five layer instead, gynecological surgery, dental, etc., 6 layer to the rehabilitation department, skin beauty, pharmacy, etc.,The 7th floor will be transformed into gastroenteroscopy, human flow, consumables storage, and general affairs storage, the 8th to 11th floors will be transformed into general wards, and the 12th floor will be transformed into offices, meeting rooms, and dining halls.Source: I Dongguan article source: Leju Buy a house