The memory giant announced that it will stop production of DDR3 memory, accelerating its exit from the market

2022-05-15 0 By

Samsung, the world’s largest memory manufacturer, has given its customers a deadline to complete orders for DDR3 memory chips by the end of 2022, promising to complete orders for remaining DDR3 memory chips by 2023 and eliminate the production of DDR3 memory chips by 2024.SK Hynix, another major memory manufacturer, is also planning to shut down its DDR3 memory production line and switch to other memory production.Other memory manufacturers such as Micron, Nanya Technology, Warbang and other manufacturers still have a lot of DDR3 capacity at the present stage, which can also meet the current demand and have less impact on the price fluctuation of chips.The demand for DDR3 memory is decreasing in the consumer market. Most of the demand for DDR3 memory is mainly supplied to routers and industrial computers, and the demand for DDR3 memory has dropped significantly compared to the previous market.