Photos of the crew of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735?These are all fake!

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China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 lost contact and crashed over Wuzhou city, Guangxi Province, at around 14:38 on March 21 while on a mission from Kunming to Guangzhou.There were 123 passengers (no foreign passengers) and 9 crew members (3 pilots, 5 flight attendants and 1 security officer).At present, the scene rescue, disposal and accident cause investigation work is under way.Some photos of the crew members of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 have been found to be false.By checking the uniform in the above picture for airlines flight attendant uniforms are not eastern hunan uniform before October 2020 formerly known as “hunan aviation” air “clay” below for the red navigation unit staff to pose for pictures from hunan aviation website also look up to the cabin attendant formal uniform both gray short sleeve and long sleeve white but the neck has a red silk scarfCabin service staff of Hunan Airlines make a safety demonstration for passengers during the epidemic.(Photo from the official website of Hunan Airlines) Before the launch of the new uniform of the 7th generation of sichuan Airlines flight attendants on January 1, 2019, the uniforms shown above are the original uniforms of Sichuan Airlines flight attendants, which can be clearly identified from relevant pictures reported by the media in 2015.In 2015, the website of Civil Aviation News also used this photo to seriously remind China Eastern Airlines that the MU5735 crash incident has touched people’s hearts, and the work of scene rescue, follow-up treatment and investigation into the cause of the accident is under way.The China Internet Joint Rumor Refuting Platform solemnly reminds netizens to participate in discussions and express opinions objectively and rationally, refrain from Posting content lacking empathy, credulous and spreading false information, and support rescue work with practical actions.Original title: “MU5735 flight crew photos spread online? These are fake!”