After spring fishing crucian carp with bait?I’ll give you two words. It’ll save you money

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The day before yesterday, I wrote an article about spring fishing crucian carp, mainly to remind everyone that spring is coming soon. If you want to make preparations for connecting rod explosion, you should make preparations in advance.For example, when it comes to fishing position selection, we should change the fishing depth from deep to shallow as soon as possible, knowing that fish will go to shallow shoals to find food for spawning and foraging in spring. At least you can try it for a few times when the weather is warm, and not when everyone else is fighting for the shoals. At that time, you will only have “soup”.This post is still about spring fishing, but it’s mainly about my views on bait, and it’s valid until May.And not only for carp, carp is the same, because in early spring, carp are also very good to catch!Carp will not be picky about food at this time!Spring fishing bait formula, my “secret” on two words!This “secret” is in quotes, but it’s really simple, summed up in two words: mismatch!I know a lot of people are disappointed, and I even feel like I’m fooling everyone by using a catchy word like “secret.”In fact, to attract you to see the article is right, but fool, deception is not, and I said that the disorderly match is not nonsense, and listen to me slowly analysis.First of all, spring is the best season to catch crucian carp, although late autumn is the winter before and after a period of time is very good fishing, but that period of time is not long and unstable, there is such a period of time every year, but may be early may be late, plus the short time so many people can not grasp.And spring crazy mouth time generally concentrated in March ~ May, this period of time are good fishing!In this period of time crucian carp can be said to be crazy to eat, completely not picky, so in this case also need to pay attention to the formula, tangled bait?If you don’t catch any fish at this time, you don’t need to fish at all during the rest of the season.As for the reason why we mix the bait randomly, we want to tell everyone that since crucian carp is not picky about food, we do not need to buy new bait, many people are closed in winter, there are a lot of last autumn with leftover or even expired bait, so after spring these bait can be used.There is no need to talk about the recipe, use what you have in hand, believe me, with these “leftover bait” randomly mixed bait, will not be much worse than your carefully prepared bait!Winter, spring, summer these three seasons fish bait changes and adjustment of the main winter worm bait, if it is commodity bait to pay attention to the state, bait should be light, fine, atomization is better, and then I personally think bait should contain a lot of animal protein, frankly is a little fishy.The summer season is just the opposite, bait should first avoid atomization, avoid big fishy big fragrance, appropriate can increase the proportion, the main reason is to reduce fish trouble, when necessary, can use corn wheat or hanging particles.Commodity bait is also a little bit better, that is, plant protein bait more, such as super lure this kind.Spring is the transition season between winter and summer, but there is no clear boundary. In early spring, that is, at this time, including the period after the start of spring, the weather is still cold, so we should use the winter fishing method including bait.When the temperature comes up slowly, and you find the fish leaning into the shallows and eating more aggressively, you don’t need to work on the bait any more, just click at will, you need to put all your energy on the selection.Insect baits can be used all the time, unless the fish can’t stand it, or you don’t like using insect baits. If you use commercial baits, MY personal habit will be fishy until May.Winter with strong fishy more, so early spring is also strong fishy, but slowly can be changed to the fishy incense, that is, to increase the proportion of bait.Can you fish with thick or light – flavored bait?Of course, it is also possible, such as single-open 918, single-open carassius auratus, you may even catch a larger fish.But this is mainly related to resources, resources poor fish are not too many places, we require is mouth, can catch, then the fishy good point or direct worm bait;Where fish are still available, our goal must be higher, and we want to catch bigger fish, in which case we can use native flavor or fragrance.If you have a lot of bait that you didn’t use last year, trust me, don’t worry about bait, use what you have, put a little bit of fragrance and a little bit of fishy so that it is ok, open alone or three or five kinds of combined use, don’t pay attention to.If you’re out of bait, or if you have a lot of bait and you have to mix it up, I’m going to share my recipe with you.The first one is the classic hua’s formula which is 4 plus 6.No. 4 carassius auratus with no. 6 carassius auratus can be used in the other three seasons except summer. Those who care about me for a long time know that I have used it for many years, and have a good grasp of the corresponding adjustment.For example, in winter, I will use 4+6+ New Seasons, light fish and add shrimp powder or red tail green.In spring, you can add 4+6 directly, or you can add carassius auratus or algae element (two choices).The weather is a little hotter, increase the consumption of large plate crucian carp, reduce the proportion of six crucian carp.The second is the formula of tianyuan, namely, the terminator + Red Devil + red Storm.This winter, I often use Red Devil and red Storm and have taken many river crowns. Sometimes, I will put some blue crucian carp in the new season to adjust the taste type and state. Since fish are light in mouth and weak in activity in winter, it is necessary to focus on the taste and state.Spring water temperature up, fish mouth big open, do not need to be very fishy, I think the big crucian terminator with red devil, red storm will be better, of course, you can also use crucian carp package instead of the big crucian terminator.The third formula is the “all-purpose” of the old three, that is, blue crucian carp +918+ speed attack.I don’t need to say that this formula has a broad spectrum, almost universal in four seasons, and the first two baits are flaky, the proportion is relatively large, but also can catch bigger fish, you should also find that this formula can often catch carp.It is worth mentioning that when the temperature is low before and after the beginning of Spring, we can use the fishy version, blue crucian carp or fragrant fishy version of that, 918 and speed attack are using fishy version.After the hot weather, blue crucian carp unchanged, 918 to the taste version, speed attack can not add or use “all corners of the country” that no taste.Conclusion: spring fishing crucian carp is the best season, since it is the best season of nature on bait is not need to pay attention to, we should put energy on the selection, even if the nesting material, nesting method is much better than the study of bait.You can also see that I share a few recipes, are relatively simple and classic collocation, nothing special.Last but not least, spring is the season of fish spawning. I hope you can fish big and release small ones, so that we can always catch fish and cherish fish resources from you and me.Xiao Fei, a post-90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to record the beauty of fishing in writing and leave his experience to those who need help.