A man driving drunk without a license on a high-speed car for unknown reasons

2022-05-15 0 By

On the afternoon of 24th, epidemic prevention personnel at Dagengjia Toll Station in Harbin found that the driver of a commercial car smelled of alcohol and was suspected of drunk driving.The man driving the Honda commercial vehicles prepared from large geng toll booth on the epidemic prevention staff check to him, she found the man with a thick alcohol on glossolalia is obviously drink a lot of face inspection man also is very not cooperate with face ask men began to close the Windows to go the site impatient law enforcement officers immediately the man under control and will be transferred to the provincial public securityHall administration of highway traffic, large group of traffic police to deal with man said they came from a loose north ready to drive up the highway to longjiang mother look at him if this condition is difficult to walk this car on the highway that’s pretty dangerous police soon with the help of man alcohol test shows that the numerical is one hundred and eighty-nine milligrams per deciliter policeman asked many times in the whole communication process of the vehicleSituation but the driver is always ducked the license plate number, vehicle type is what can tell at this point, the police suspected that the driver’s problem is not drunk driving that simple provincial public security department administration of highway traffic, big brigade police Qiu Jifeng at that time, we keep a skeptical, think his identity is inconsistent with the car.At the scene, the driver was unable to provide a driving license and the relevant certificates of the vehicle traffic police also carried out an in-depth investigation provincial Public Security Department Highway Traffic Administration hada brigade police Wang Xinming after further verification, found that he was driving without a license.The driver sobered up and admitted he didn’t have a license or even drive so where did he get this Honda van?Online query by the public security police had found an article about the vehicles stolen police provincial public security administration of highway traffic, big brigade police Wang Xinming with 110 command center to verify, they found 24 in the afternoon, there is a party report said his car had been stolen, is the car, the car number, we contacted with alarm people,It proves that there is such a thing.Owner told police that afternoon his own car at the door but suddenly start hot car trouble disappeared this car and drive away the people’s police seized a man suspected of drunk driving, driving without a license, the provincial public security administration of highway traffic, big brigade police Wang Xinming fined two thousand yuan, driving without a license, 10 administrative detention punishment,Drunk driving motor vehicle suspected of dangerous driving crime, whether the vehicle involved in robbery, by the police station identification.At present, the traffic police have detained the vehicle according to law and the next step will be handed over to the local police station and returned to the owner of the vehicle. The traffic police also punished the lawbreaker accordingly (news rule of law online)