Speed skating men’s 1500 meters: The Netherlands swept gold and silver Ning Zhongyan ranked seventh

2022-05-14 0 By

Qilu network · Lightning news On February 8 – Shandong TV Sports channel news, On February 8, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games speed skating men’s 1500 meters, The Netherlands and Kroll gold and silver, South Korea’s Kim Min-seok won the bronze medal, China’s Ning Zhongyan finally ranked seventh, Wang Haotian ranked 20th, Lian Ziwen ranked 27th.Chinese athletes’ results: Lian Ziwen competed in the fifth group and ranked 27th in the final time of 1:49.15.Wang Haotian competed in the sixth group and finished in 1:47.13, ranking the 20th.Ning Zhongyan competed in the 14th group and ranked 7th in the final time of 1:45.28.