Does Alzheimer’s disease come from eating?Both diets in older adults may increase the risk of dementia

2022-05-14 0 By

If we especially like to eat high calorie and high fried food, then to the old age period, it is easy to appear senile dementia, so want to get a healthy body, or healthy blood vessels, we have to stay away from these unhealthy food.Although Alzheimer’s disease is caused by neurological degeneration, if you maintain a poor diet, you may increase your risk of developing the disease.It’s very common for older people over the age of 65 to develop these diseases, and there’s a genetic predisposition to these diseases, and if you have a history of these diseases, it’s very likely that the next generation will develop the same diseases as you.Although this kind of disease is not harmful to the body, but it has a fatal disadvantage, is not knowing the people around you, or can not remember what has just happened, can make people feel particularly helpless.It creates a huge financial and psychological burden on families.Such patients suffer from this kind of disease, usually accompanied by memory loss, behavioral decline, or aphasia and other behaviors.More serious still can affect daily life, very individual still can produce the situation of systemic sex paralysis, even after professional treatment, also can not return to normal.Elderly people with mild symptoms often have trouble falling asleep even if they try very hard.Suffering from this kind of disease of the elderly, basically rely on sleeping pills, to be able to solve this kind of sleep disorders.One, diet too heavy taste in daily life, if you often eat those heavy oil and salt substances, it is easy to suffer from this kind of disease.Salty foods can easily lead to dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells, which is a kind of professional term and may not be understood by many people. I will simplify it for you. In other words, high-salt foods can promote the increase of intestinal immune cells, which also promotes inflammation.Eating salty foods on a regular basis has been linked to memory loss and cognitive impairment in the elderly, as these are irreversible diseases with no known cure.Once the brain is damaged, there is no effective way to cure it, so we must prevent it in advance.Two, like to eat too much oil in daily life, if you often eat heavy oil substances, it is easy to cause three high disease.Moreover, eating too much oil is also easy to cause obesity and aggravate the decline of brain function. It is suggested that the elderly should not eat too much oil in their old age, because you think it is good for the body.In fact, this kind of substance is harmful and useless to the body, it is recommended that we eat more olive oil, this oil has a variety of nutrients, can effectively inhibit neuropathy, but also has a strong antioxidant, can also delay aging, prevention of senile dementia.Anyhow the food of high quantity of heat, high fat can cause vascular disease certainly, change causes this kind of disease.In addition, there are some old people in their old age when too lonely, coupled with more tired when young, eventually easy to form this disease, the body will also cause irreversible damage.If you want to prevent this kind of disease, you should think more and exercise more. Regular exercise will also have a healthy body.It is recommended that we do more aerobic exercise, such as climbing mountains and riding bicycles, which is not only good for our body, but also can reduce the harm caused by diseases.