“This life has you”, the true value, not money can be measured

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When Nie Dongyuan and Tan Jing fight for custody in the hit TV drama this Life is you, starring Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran, Tan Jing’s lawyer demands a 5 percent stake, equivalent to 500 million yuan in assets.Nie Dongyuan almost did not do too much hesitation, although once said, your appetite is still very big ah, but still said: “good, I agree!”It is also from here that we can see his love and attention to pingping.In fact, people to Nie Dongyuan at this time found that no matter how much money you have, the purchase of things is also limited.Nie Dongyuan pursued wealth all his life. In order to pursue wealth, he could say that he would do anything and everything, and finally gave himself a fortune of 12 billion yuan.But in the face of the disease, he was helpless.Fortunately, he met his son and grandson before he died. He wanted to give Nie Yusheng a future in his own way, or he could not rest assured to leave nie Yusheng.Just because the grandson gave him a support, gave him a hope to live, a motivation.He tried to live a few more years, but things didn’t work out.In fact, think about it carefully, for everyone is actually the same thing, wealth for everyone, as long as alive is extremely important.In short, no money is absolutely not, but it also proves that everyone is nothing more than a porter of wealth, today to move the money here, tomorrow it moves there, after all, wealth to wealth, really is not born to bring, don’t bring.No matter how much wealth there is, the end is the same.The world is fair to death.No matter you are rich or poor, it is a small mark of your life in this world, but the end result is dust to dust.Despite the development of technology, many people say that there can be an elixir of youth and an elixir of life, but so far, this problem has not been solved.People, no matter what kind of people, after all, there is no escape from death.That is, when it comes to death, all the money, all the emotions, all the things, all the things eventually go away.Through nie Yusheng’s illness, Nie Yusheng returned to his happiest period of time, and Nie Dongyuan understood the important position of Talking static in Nie Yusheng’s mind. He did not want to manage his son’s private life any more. He also wanted his son to be happy and happy.In the face of such situation, NieDong far in his last few hours, want to clear all the problems, so he didn’t want to talk with jing to contend for what, he take the initiative to talk with static peace, at this point, we have to admire the market ups and downs decades old man, take up more of this kind of bearing, is worth admire people.He wanted to be quiet so he could make peace with him for the sake of his son and grandson.After all, his son and grandson are also very important to Tan Jing. He can forget the past, but Tan Jing still refuses to accept, and she still can’t get over her own problem in her deep heart.Hope the follow-up is more exciting!What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.If you like this article, please long press the “like” button at the end of the article, one key three consecutive small make up surprise oh.(Original article, please do not copy)