Provincial and municipal departments of culture and tourism simultaneously launched cloud “blessing” cultural benefit activities

2022-05-13 0 By

This Spring Festival, the provincial and municipal departments of culture and tourism joined hands to take “blessing” culture as the theme. In addition to bringing a series of offline cultural activities of “blessing” culture to benefit the people in blocks, scenic spots, parks and communities, they also made full use of new media means to launch cultural activities on the cloud, including boutique performances, so that everyone would be full of happiness during the New Year.It is the cultural heritage of praying, accumulating and worshiping for blessings.During the Spring Festival, fujian provincial professional theater troups will jointly bring “100 Operas to Welcome The Blessing — 2022 Spring Festival Performance of Fujian Operas for the Benefit of The People”. By combining online and offline methods, the colorful stage works will create a festive and peaceful atmosphere, jubilant and warm atmosphere, and show the artistic achievements of Fujian operas in recent years.Works cover Peking Opera, Yue Opera, Fujian opera, Puxian Opera, Liyuan Opera, Gao Jia Opera, Gezai Opera (Hsiang opera), Western Fujian opera and other kinds of opera, as well as puppet show and drama and other dramatic styles, wonderful.Among them, fujian opera, which is deeply loved by Fuzhou opera fans, is constantly excellent. There are not only classic Fujian opera “Double Butterfly Fans”, “Debased official”, “Lychee for Purple Peach”, but also excellent Modern Fujian opera “Life”.The public can pay attention to “Fujian drama” micro signal line to watch.With only a cymbal, a xingmu, a paper fan, a handkerchief and a table, a critic can perform, presenting the style of “one cymbal, one sky”.Thus, Fuzhou Pinghua has numerous “circle fans”.During the Spring Festival, fuzhou Pinghua Chiyi Teaching Institute not only presents offline series performances of “Happy State in the Year of the Tiger”, but also online shows such as “Poverty Alleviation Ballads” and “Exploring The Secrets of Fuzhou”.The public can watch it on the wechat line of “Fuzhou Storytelling Chiyi Teaching Institute”.Fuzhou opera fans are also fond of chiyi.During the Spring Festival, chiyi, such as Chingmei Cases and Love Letters from two places, will be shown in the clouds one after another, allowing a big family to enjoy chiyi in their homes.”It is so sweet for old people with poor legs that they can listen to Fuzhou Pinghua and Chiyi, which smell of shrimp oil, without going out at home.””Old Fuzhou,” yu Han said.During the Spring Festival, the Municipal Library launched a digital Spring Festival reading activity called “Reading Books online” on the cloud. With the help of the wechat mini program service platform of “Reading Books Online”, people can browse a large number of books at home without leaving home.The book covers humanities and social sciences, healthy living, science and technology and nature.The provincial library launched online “Spring Festival couplets meet”, “Winter Olympics knowledge online fun answers”, “Blessing to Blessing in the New Year” video lectures, “tiger culture theme exhibition”, so that people have a happy New Year.Article source: Fuzhou News network