Is the sports lottery of our country appear on the market in which year issue?

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China’s sports lottery was launched in 1984.The “1984 Beijing International Marathon” development sports lottery ticket is the earliest issued by new China.In 1994, the former State Sports Commission applied to The State Council for a nationwide unified lottery, including unified printing and management.April 5, 1994, the former State Sports Commission lottery management center was formally established.Marks China’s sports lottery into the legal system, and standardized management.China’s sports lottery issuance and sales in line with the principle of openness, fairness and justice, stipulated the amount, stipulated areas, stipulated regulations, abide by the unified printing, unified distribution, unified sales system.There are two main ways of sports lottery sales: large-scale sales of instant sports lottery and computer assisted sales of traditional sports lottery.Sports lottery shall not report loss, exclude name, calculate interest, return principal, and cannot be used in circulation.The origin of sports lottery is a guessing type of sports lottery, which first appeared in 1922, when the Little Forest team of Liverpool in England invited fans to bet on the score of a football match. About 10 years later, this practice spread to Sweden.Sweden issued the first lottery in 1934.In old China, sports lotteries came into being with western-style horse racing, which was mainly held in Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin and other big cities.After the establishment of the New China Sports Lottery, horse racing was stopped.