If the hammer, a tower in the heart of the collapse

2022-05-13 0 By

In recent days, about Guo ×× and Wang ×× gossip on the clamour, as if the network also flicker have nose have eyes!This Spring Festival, we eat melon masses of welfare or good!But, to tell you the truth, I really don’t want this nose-and-eye sordid thing to come true!Because more like crosstalk, so pay more attention to de × society, also pay more attention to Guo ××.Attention for a long time, from the media slowly know that he was the hardships of the north drift, struggle, struggle.Of course also knew he how to obtain the firm support of wang Hui of 2 marriage wife, husband and wife 2 people also spend difficulties hand in hand finally usher in flowers and flowers.Over the years, Guo has carried the banner of traditional culture, opening special crosstalk performances, opening Peking Opera theaters and organizing drum clubs around the world.At the same time, the epidemic donations, public charity donations are also frequent.I admire Guo ×× from the bottom of my heart, because he embodies the perseverance, efforts, do not give up, do not compromise, but also the interpretation of the ‘reach and help the world’ mind.In the face of this gossip, I really don’t want it to be true!If that were true, I believe the tower of my mind would collapse and my definition of man would continue to be narrow and paranoid.No man is a good thing…Maybe there is no such perfect man.Let’s hope it’s all just a rumor!The perseverance, effort, responsibility and dignity of men are always flawed, defective and deceitful in the real world. Shadowy figures are impossible to exist!This is reality, this is human nature!But I still hope that all this is really just a rumor!