I do practical things for the masses | Wuhua District this community to carry out voluntary cleaning feeling warm empty nesters

2022-05-13 0 By

On January 30th, Jiao Ling community carried out the activity of “Warm and Caring Empty-nesters, Cleaning and Cleaning”, sending festival greetings to the empty-nesters in the community and bringing with them the strong flavor of The New Year and the blessing of the New Year.In the home of grandma Liu, an empty-nester, the staff of Jiaoling community took the initiative to chat with the old woman and learn about her life.Then the staff picked up a broom and cloth, sweep the floor sweep the floor, wipe the table wipe table……And will be cleared out of the garbage to help the elderly to take away, throw into the community trash can.After volunteers more than an hour busy sorting, the elderly home environment than the original become cleaner, health.Looking at the newly renovated home, Liu said to the community workers, “Thank you very much. Thanks to you coming to visit me, I feel very warm in my heart.”Before he left, he took the hand of the staff and thanked them repeatedly.Community staff also told the elderly to pay attention to their health, and communicate with the community in time if they have difficulties.With caring words and practical actions, the community staff in Jiaoling provided meticulous services for the elderly in the community, enabling the elderly living alone, empty-nesters, widows and orphans and other special groups to feel the great love of the society when their children could not always be with them.In the next step, Jiao Ling Community will continue to take practical actions to care for the empty-nesters and inherit and carry forward the Traditional Chinese virtue of respecting the old and caring for the young.