DNF: Metal warrior equipment matching, magic badges, stone runes recommended!

2022-05-13 0 By

DNF: Metal Warrior equipment, badges, enchant, stone protection recommended!Hello, warriors.Metal Warrior has been out for a few days. Is everyone at full level?Today, I would like to recommend some equipment for my new career.oneThe metal soldier who has been sleeping.Biased to the outbreak, weapons choose to find stone bamboo.Reverse the fate of the fate of the myth set, black magic seeker set, hell seeker set and fate of the shoulder, belt.Shilock for Luxi, ozma for Taimat.Metal soldiers who have no sleep.Preferred range, weapon of choice thunder Scream pistol.The Fate paradox set, the lucky triangle set and the mythological army god set.If the increase is more than 12, the lucky triangle can be changed to a large trance set.Shilock for the assassin, Ozma for Astros.Badges, enchant.Metal warrior is a physical percentage class, as shown in the figure: stone protection, rune selection.Shield selection radar strafing, Fire God siege cannon, AT-walker.Rune – blue – red 9 radar strafe or Purple – Blue – Red 9 Siegate cannon.The above is the recommended collocation of metal warrior equipment.This collocation is only for personal opinion, not the final collocation, if warriors have better, more creative collocation welcome to leave a message to share ah!