Wake up harden and the Emperor!Two for five deals, nets compromise, two super teams here

2022-05-12 0 By

The soap opera of James Harden’s trade has been going on lately, and somehow harden suddenly doesn’t want to play for the Nets.Harden has missed the last few games.Interestingly, Durant also liked Harden’s desire to leave the team, and it doesn’t look like the two are getting along all that well.When the two-for-five trade was finalized at 2:20 a.m., many fans said they’d wake up with Harden and Embiid to form the league’s best inside/outside combination.The Nets and Philadelphia have agreed to a trade for James Harden and marcus Simmons, according to NBA reporters.This is the biggest trade of the 21-22 season so far.There is no doubt that the NBA landscape has changed, with two more super teams in the East, both nets and Philly.The Nets compromised this time.Harden could have signed to Philadelphia as a free agent this offseason if he had been forced to keep him, and could have gotten some valuable leverage by moving now.The Nets had been trying to land potential stars like Maxie and Sable from Philadelphia, but Philadelphia refused, and finally, as the trade deadline approached, the Nets had no choice but to compromise.The Philadelphia 76ers sent Ben Simmons, Andre Drummond, Seth Curry and two first-round picks to get James Harden, and the Nets added Paul Millsap’s contract.Simmons is an All-Star, Steph curry is a top shooter, two first-round picks, Trang can start instead of Adelman, and the Nets are still strong and have a good chance of even winning the championship.It would be funny if the Nets were no. 1 in 2022 after Harden left.Harden didn’t want to play for the Nets even before that, having missed consecutive games.However, coach Steve Nash has always said that the Nets will not trade Harden, Beard will continue to play for the Nets this season, now, Nash was also slapped in the face.It seems that the Nets really don’t have the confidence to keep Harden this offseason, so they decided to trade.That leaves the Nets with a core of Durant, Irving, Simmons, Steph curry and Draymond ready for a championship.And Philly also formed harden + Embiid + Maxi + Sabre + Harris core, competing, also very strong.I have to say, harden’s departure from the Nets has left the East with two more superteams, which is terrible.Incredibly, since Harden joined the Nets, the Big Three have played a total of only 16 games and won one series, which means that the nets’ trade for Harden was a complete failure, with nothing to show for it.As for who has gained or lost in the Nets or Philadelphia, Perkins said Philadelphia has improved. He said Philadelphia has the best duo in the league.Both Harden and Simmons are probably happy to be out of the game, so who’s going to win first?