The most beautiful striver | two patients recover, she said this is the best Spring Festival gift

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On New Year’s Eve, Cheng Kexin, a nurse at the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Jiangsu Province, spent her time in her ward.This is also her second year on duty during the Spring Festival.In the general department of Maternal and Child surgery, the youngest patient is 1 day old and the oldest is 92 years old.As it integrates pediatric surgery and general surgery for women and children, its medical teams often assume heavier responsibilities. Cheng Kexin, a girl born after 1995 in Taizhou, is one of them.This Spring Festival, Ms. Cheng volunteered to stay and care for patients who failed to leave the hospital.”In our 19-member team, many of our colleagues come from other places, and some even live in northeast China and Shandong.””I chose to stay at my post during the Spring Festival in the hope that my colleagues who have worked hard all year can return home and have a good New Year,” cheng said.My home is not far away, and it is very convenient to go back after the holiday.””I ran the call bell more than 10 times a night and took more than 10,000 steps every day.” Although cheng was not busy during the Spring Festival, she did not slow down her work.New Year’s Eve at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Cheng Kexin arrived at the hospital on time, the execution of the doctor’s orders, dressing change, dispensing, check patients ostomy…Work through small tasks in an orderly manner.In her opinion, taking care of hospitalized patients during the Spring Festival is more meticulous than ever before.”To be honest, all the patients treated in our wards during the Spring Festival are not optimistic.””It’s the festive season,” cheng admitted. “Patients have to bear the pain while being unable to unite with their families, which makes them feel anxious.”The one that worried her most was a 74-year-old woman with an ostomy.The old lady suffered from intestinal obstruction, since the operation to install artificial stoma, intestinal pain always around the old man.Unable to eat or see her beloved granddaughter, the old lady wept in the hospital room.The nervous old lady would ring the bell every half hour.Often hear the bell, Cheng Kexin will be the first time to the old lady’s ward, take the trouble to inquire about the situation.”What kept the old lady awake was not only the sadness of not being together, but more importantly, the anxiety of not being well.””I held her hand and told her that the pain indicated that the bowel was going to ventilate. Once ventilate, she could eat soon.”The old lady’s tears stopped at last at the prospect of hope.At the end of cheng’s busy day, the exercise mini app on her phone told her that she had walked 15,000 steps.”You can take more than 10,000 steps every day on the 100-meter walkway in the ward.”If you take two days of steps together, you can make one orbit around the Olympic Body.”Cheng Kexin told reporters.”I miss the taste of corncrake mandarin fish, but it’s a safe place in my hometown,” cheng’s parents said on duty, so as not to disturb their daughter’s work, they didn’t have a video call but sent pictures of their family dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve.Corncrake mandarin fish, smoked fish, Huangqiao cakes…Talking about the family reunion dinner, the Taizhou girl smiled sweetly.”Corncrake mandarin fish is my favorite dish. My parents say they want me to go to work at ease, but they still miss me in their hearts.”Cheng went through the only two photos of the dinner many times.During the Spring Festival, Cheng Kexin stayed on duty without her parents’ support.Having worked for more than four years, she still remembers what her mother once said: “Home is wherever one is safe.”Sickness has no holidays, and The Spring Festival is a “working day”.Cheng Kexin has long regarded the maternity and Child General surgery department as his “small home”.Before the Spring Festival, Cheng kexin and the head nurse affixed couplets and hung up lanterns to make colleagues and patients feel a festive atmosphere.”The recovery of two patients is the best Spring Festival gift.” At noon on the first day of the lunar New Year, Cheng Kexin received two pieces of good news from her colleagues.The little girl with suppurative appendicitis in bed 11 was discharged from the hospital, and the child thanked the doctors and nurses for taking care of her with two bouquets of flowers.Cheng was deeply impressed. The girl had a high fever of 39℃ when she was first admitted to the hospital. She and her colleagues took a towel bath every half an hour to cool the child down.When she was better, her children would call her “pretty Auntie”, blushing.Cheng kexin was gratified to see her child recover from the hospital.In addition, the old lady who cried in the night was much better in the morning.While the sun was shining, her husband would play music and take the old lady to bask in the sun.The old lady happily told the nurses that her son and granddaughter would come to take her from the hospital in a few days.The beginning of spring has arrived, the pace of spring is gradually approaching.Cheng kexin could not help but imagine the happy appearance of recovering patients bathed in the warm sunshine when the spring breeze was warm.Planning Ren Songjun Tian Mei as a whole Yu Zhong Kan Tang Cheng text Xu Yidan video Zhou Tianqi correspondent Wang Huan editor: Shen Lei statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: