The Ukrainian government is leading the “traitors”!Mr Zelensky issued a “sin order”. Politicians raised national flags

2022-05-12 0 By

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a new decree that will increase the number of Ukrainian troops by 100,000 over the next three years and improve the treatment of soldiers, foreign media reported.Mr. Zelensky himself denied it, saying it did not mean war with Russia was imminent. He called on Ukrainian politicians not to create panic, to remain calm and not to use the conflict with Russia for their own gain.Mr. Zelensky then displayed his acting skills and issued a “sin letter,” telling Ukrainian politicians: “You can be against the government and despise me, but you can’t be against the country and despise your own people.”After Zelensky finished his speech, lawmakers took out the national flag and held it up.But the flags are not Ukrainian. They are American, British, Canadian, Polish, Turkish, but no Ukrainian flag.It was a shocking scene. The president of one country signed the new law, gave a speech, and then the politicians brought out the flags of other countries. They thought they were auctioning off their own countries.It’s important to note that Ukrainian politicians are not mocking Zelensky, but expressing support for Ukraine from the “international community.”In other words, these politicians take pride in not being ashamed, further confirming the fact that Ukraine is in the hands of the West.Ukraine, though not “sold”, is worse off than it was.The Ukrainian authorities are largely at the mercy of the United States and the West.If the country is actually sold to the West, it is easy to get at least some return and the buyer will provide some security.The situation is that the Ukrainian authorities are eager to put the country in the hands of the United States and the West, but they are not willing to take over.This is the true story of Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Western Ukraine can be a member of NATO and enjoy NATO’s joint defense provisions, but few NATO countries are really willing to accept Ukraine.On the surface, many countries support Ukraine’s membership of NATO, but only pay lip service to it, because they also know that there will be resistance, and as long as one member does not agree, Ukraine cannot join NATO.Germany has played the villain.Given that someone is the villain, other members are naturally happy to sell Ukraine favours that they cannot cash anyway, so why not do the same?In fact, no one in NATO is stupid enough to know that Ukraine is a drag. What they want is to use Ukraine for trouble, not to protect Ukraine. If Ukraine were to take in Ukraine, it would bring down the whole NATO in case Ukraine itself attacked Russia.So the authorities have a sense of “on hand”, want to sell the country to NATO, but the somebody else is not, can only arrange politicians to raise the national flag of other countries, pretend to be a body in the west, to give yourself up, also to Ukraine people up, as for can have the effect of how, I’m afraid is a psychological comfort.