Opening soon!The first super five-star hot spring hotel in Yuanjiacun was exposed

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Big news!Xi ‘an is about to add a new five-star hot spring resort, it is located in the so-called “China’s first rural tourism IP” next to Yuanjiacun, Yuanjiacun Risili Hot Spring Resort, is expected to officially open at the end of February this year!1 Yuan Jiacun super luxury Chinese five-star hotel will open, a large number of live map exposure!Yuanjiacun, which is more than 60 kilometers from Xi ‘an, has long been one of the most famous Internet celebrity spots in Shaanxi.During the holidays, it is not only the favorite destination of many “foodies” in xi ‘an, Xianyang and other surrounding cities, but also attracts countless domestic tourists who come here to clock in.Many foreign tourists do not even go to the Terra-cotta Warriors will come to Yuanjiacun clock, taste authentic Shaanxi characteristics of food snacks and experience folk culture, feel the rich human fireworks here.Therefore, Yuanjiacun has attracted more than 5 million tourists and an annual turnover of more than 1 billion yuan for many consecutive years.It won the award of “China’s Best Tourism Project” together with Shanghai Disneyland, Chengdu Wide narrow Alley and other popular top-flow projects.After yuanjiacun fire, also brought many business opportunities for accommodation, so these years also gradually built up a lot of inns, hotels, homestay and other accommodation facilities.However, with the increasing influence of Yuanjiacun, it is more necessary to introduce a better high-end star hotel to improve the accommodation environment and make up for the commercial supporting facilities when it steps into a new stage.Therefore, Yuanjiacun’s first five-star hotel yuanjiacun Risili Hot Spring Resort came into being.And it is worth mentioning that it is the only international five-star hot spring resort hotel in Xianyang city!Recently, social media platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu have also exposed the latest real-life scenes, attracting the attention of netizens.According to the online exposure of the video and pictures, we can see that the overall design style of the hotel is the antique Su jiangnan garden style.The whole Yuanjiacun Ruisili Hot Spring Resort has 60 luxurious rooms, 13 sets of courtyard style luxurious compound (34 rooms), a total of 94 rooms.As the main hot spring resort hotel, swimming pool is of course the highlight, in this respect, Yuanjiacun-Ruisili is also the focus, to create a large and small 11 large indoor soup pool, 55 outdoor garden soup pool and 13 sets of jiangnan courtyard courtyard containing private soup pool.The picture has fully demonstrated the noble luxury experience of a five-star hotel, as well as a pool of Internet celebrities with high visual impact.It is expected that after the opening of the hotel, the price per night will be 1,398 yuan.The owner of Taihe House has tried to live there in advance, and there are still a few apartments for sale, with a total price of 2.31 million yuan!According to the latest news revealed by the hotel staff, Yuanjiacun Ruisili Hot Spring Resort has entered the countdown to its opening and will officially open at the end of February.At present, most of the test residents are the property owners of the nearby Taihe House project.The development company of Yuanjiacun Ruisli Hot Spring Resort hotel in Shaanxi is Shaanxi Taihe Hot Spring Tourism Co., LTD. That is to say, Yuanjiacun Ruisli Hot Spring Resort and Taihe Resort can be regarded as a whole project, and the hotel is only the commercial part of the project.It is reported that taihe House to create a single-door single-family courtyard products, only 82 households, the plot ratio of only 0.48, will be delivered in September this year, basically the main body has been capped, the property life of 40 years.Although it is a compound product, but the area is relatively close to the people, the area of about 84-121 square meters, covering two rooms, three rooms, four rooms products, hardcover delivery.And, each household is equipped with a 24-hour hot spring private soup pool, at the same time, each household gives a parking space and 20 square meters of vegetable land, the overall average sales price is about 2.6W yuan/square meters.It is worth mentioning that each family is also given a large area of the yard, 84 square meters and 91.8 square meters of yard free area, the total area of about 187.51 square meters, the total price of about 2.31 million;87㎡ house with 99.79㎡ yard free area, the total area is about 187.51㎡, the total price is about 2.44 million;The total floor area of 121.90 square meters plus the free yard area of 152.56 square meters reaches 274.46 square meters, and the total price is about 3.33 million yuan.At present, the project still has a small number of courtyard products on sale, interested friends can go to the sales office to understand.But need to remind you: Taihe house only accept full payment of tuhao customers.