Haihua Group soda Plant vows to get off to a “good start” in first quarter

2022-05-12 0 By

At present, haihua Group’s 2022 business objectives have been determined. All units of the Group take swift actions to actively decompose objectives, consolidate responsibilities, and promote implementation. The majority of cadres and employees carry forward the spirit of ownership, take the “doing” as the first word, bravely assume responsibilities, and strive for new breakthroughs at the beginning.Recently, the reporter walked into the sea group alkali plant, zero distance feel the factory cadres and staff vowed to win the first season “a good start” fighting spirit.Staff in strengthening production scheduling “last year, the factory’s comprehensive economic benefits achieved a good result, pay has been rewarded, cadres and staff are very encouraged.”The employees are very much in ownership, and they’re all gearing up to get off to a great start.”Haihua pure alkali plant production equipment power department equipment director Liu Huachuo told reporters.At present, the factory closely stare at the task target, strengthen production lean management and equipment management, promote the construction of technical transformation projects, optimize the implementation of the team cost accounting, with one heart and one mind, the word “stem”, toward the realization of the first month of the first quarter of this year “off to a good start” goal.”Production management is about innovation,” said Zhang Jian, the director of the production operation center at the soda Plant, who took time to check out lean management courses on the website.Referring to lean management method, we implement ‘Kanban’ management.Through the implementation of “kanban” management, daily analysis of shift and group costs, dispatching chief and dispatcher can see the real-time indicator data.Each team has an analysis meeting, drop by drop consumption, once electricity side water cut benefits.”In the plant’s central control room, Zhang jian showed reporters his wechat “brine Coordination group.”Active in the group with soda plant, lambs saltworks, bromide, alkali resin company and HaiHua group production management department of production management, through the WeChat group, zhang jian with group brother unit production management staff to work together, timely adjust the abnormal data, accurate control, earnestly implement the authors efficiency, grasp the in hand.”To treat equipment as’ friends’, ‘comrade-in-arms’ and’ family ‘, we should get close to equipment and shorten the distance with equipment.”At the special analysis meeting, Liu Huanming, chief engineer of the heavy alkali workshop of the new line of the plant, organized the workshop equipment management, maintenance and the staff on duty to launch a “brainstorming” on the improvement of the problem equipment, and the atmosphere of the meeting was very enthusiastic.Liu Huanming told reporters: “As a continuous production enterprise, the maintenance of equipment operation, stable and high yield is guaranteed.In order to do a good job in equipment management, the workshop to the existing equipment problems adhere to the ‘zero’ principle, where failure, regardless of the extent of the size, are held fault analysis meeting, find out the cause, clear responsibility, set measures, and implement the assessment, really formed a closed loop management.”Recently, soda Plant actively promotes the implementation of intelligent point inspection system to further improve the intelligent, information and professional level of inspection.At present, the system has been tested in several workshops, and the operation effect is good, which further enhances the intelligent level of “four-in-one” inspection.”This year our factory party committee will lean management work as an important work to grasp, require the planning department to give full play to the planning function, take the lead to do a good job of top-level design, planning a good year of work, to clear goals, effective measures, accurate assessment guidance.We will push this year’s work to a new height with the best management concept and practice.In addition, we will increase our efforts to study standards outside, and strive for technological innovation to become the industry leader and demonstrator.”Zhang Jian said.Reporters learned that in January, the indicators of the soda plant continued to improve steadily, production cost control is good, cadres and staff morale is high, full of energy.”Last year, our alkali plant made outstanding achievements in energy saving and water saving, and successively won the honorary titles of ‘Soda Industry Energy Efficiency’, ‘Water Efficiency Leader Benchmarking Enterprise’ and ‘Shandong Provincial Water-saving Benchmarking Unit’ in the national petroleum and chemical industry.This year is more to look forward to.The new factory leadership plans to highlight the core of reducing cost and increasing efficiency in production control this year, adhere to the problem-oriented, scientific organization of production, to ensure the maximization of comprehensive economic benefits.”The factory director assistant, production operation center director Sun Fengchun confidently said that as long as all cadres and employees work together, the first quarter “off to a good start” target can be expected.The (reporter | zhangsong correspondent | Yuan Xunyan)