Ancient words pet text: “medical princess world, prince strong pet!”Medical female genius VS evil king Qin!

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Hello, book fans, nowadays there are so many novel categories, I don’t know how to choose, I will pay attention to xiaobian.Every day for you to share a variety of types of novels, save your book shortage!Ancient words pet text: “medical princess world, prince strong pet!”Medical female genius VS evil king Qin!The first: “medicated food lady royal husband record” author: blue white introduction: through forced to marry a fool?Medicated food in hand, how can let a person manipulate!Dad didn’t love mom, stepmother tried to sell her?All let you have no return!Wood with sister and huo family father and son went home together, on the way to avoid the sound of broken discussion came, this is also some worry about the sisters can not stand, can look at each other, two people face change also did not change, then put down.She had underestimated the endurance of both of them. They had survived so many hardships since childhood, and a few soft words could not hurt them.Into the yard, Huo Wenchang took people directly to the east chamber, out of the wood kam road.”You handled today’s matter very well. Don’t think too much about it. Go in and spend a good time with the two young children.”Dad……Thank you!”She is really lucky to meet the Huo family, even if she left the huo family in the future, she will do her best to protect the safety of life.The Huo house had a large yard but few rooms. There was a main room with two bedrooms, an east wing in the yard, and a woodshed to the west.Wood embroidery and small at the moment sitting in the east wing room, wood jin came in to see the two sisters clever extremely of the appearance, also noticed that the room has been specially cleaned, two new bedding folded neatly on the kang, around a few small furniture chair ark, there is a dresser, with a copper mirror placed above.When the three sisters used a mirror, it was only a basin of water.”Come, elder sister to your hair, today have a good rest, tomorrow elder sister to take you to the town to buy some clothes back.”Mujin gave the two sisters a modern plait, and finally put all the hair into a princess head, obviously different from the bun of this era, but let the two sisters kept looking in the mirror, happy.Wood brocade but see some sour, but a little bit of good can let two people so happy, in the future she should be better to them, but at the moment to give sisters a few conditioning body is, perennial malnutrition let sisters three constitution is not very good.Huo Wenchang did not come out much, except for lunch and dinner.At supper the sumptuous meal was again laid, and it took all the strength of the two girls not to humiliate their sister by looking at her as they had done at lunch.(click below free reading) the second: “Farmer doctor” author: a half introduction: once through, became a child bride calculate, but also sold by her husband’s home?!!!!!Fortunately, a fairy man came from heaven to save her.So she had the audacity to follow him home — in the name of gratitude!He was sick, she gave him treatment, by the way, to earn his ransom money.Unexpectedly, the man stopped her when she retired.”If you’ve seen all of me, be responsible!””……””In this life, even if go down 18 hells, you also have to accompany me!”Why it’s cool: One of them gave her the deed of sale.”You this little girl is also fate, our Xu family is the whole Nanzhang county are famous good family, and how can bully you such a poor person?Take back your sale/deed!”Without the deed, the family had plenty of ways to get the money back from the Wangs.Another family a look at this situation, they also quickly ruan Xuan Tong’s sale/body deed to out.”Every year when we Huangs do good deeds, who in the village would not praise our family?Now that we know we’ve been deceived, of course we won’t actually take you away to your death.Take your sale/body deed!”Birenshan, their family can’t lose!In the blink of an eye, she got both sales/deeds back!See her doing in the eyes, not only Hu Changyang’s eyes become profound many, even the man sitting in a wheelchair looking at her eyes also quickly on a touch of interest.But the taste was so fleeting that few people there noticed it.Get sell/body deed, Ruan Xuan tong just turn to Wang shi again.”Mother-in-law adult you don’t read, don’t know how to sell/body deed write it doesn’t matter, I’ll help you write!”In public, she bit her fingers, tore three pieces of wind-dried cloth from her skirt, and wrote on them in blood a short copy of the deed of sale, in the form of a deed of sale for a marriage under the sun.Finished, she handed it to Wang.”Ok, please press the handprint!”Wang was stunned by a series of changes.Without knowing what she was doing, she put her finger on the triplicate copy and took her own copy.Wait until sell/body deed take in hand, Ruan Xuan tong also finally relieved.She immediately raised a smile, turned to Hu Changyang waved.’Well, we can go now!The man’s eyes rested on her for a long time before he nodded.”Let’s go!(Click below to read for free) The third book: The World of Medical concubines, prince Strong pet!Introduction: She is a medical genius, the killer encountered after the success of the study, the key moment swallowed the results, with AI intelligent medicine box jumped into the sea, became the ancient Qin Princess.The original owner is not favored, all kinds of people ridicule oppression.She took the medicine box, “Lord, you come here, I give you a good treatment!”Rely on medical skill to sling all kinds of refuse to accept, evildoer Qin Wang was also captured by her!Later, the king of Qin unexpectedly activated the blood and took her into the divine world…Mysteries of ancient theology and future science.Wonderful content: Just now in the dream, I restored my arm with my mind and moved my arm and hand. The dislocated bone has been put back in place. I took medicine before and now I feel much better.Twilight yun Xi groped, climbed toward the table, there are cold rice porridge, back injury is really serious, now need to supplement physical strength.A few steps of the road, Twilight Yun Xi climbed for a long time to climb, trying to stand up, unable to stand, plop and kneel down.The pain in her knee made Twilight yunxi gasp for breath and reach for the porridge bowl. She crawled beside the table and began to drink slowly.Medicine box, there are some glucose, Twilight Yunxi intends to give himself infusion to maintain physical strength.She did not know how long it was, but she timed it and Mammy Lou was due.Everyone thought Lou Yang would get better, but after taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, he fell into a fever again one hour later.Wei Xuan busy investigating the house of more than ten guards on the itching things, no time to come to see Lou Yang, he is now a head two big, that is king end of the ghost!After his own king was neglected, Duanwang made every effort to get rid of him.Doctor Wang felt Lou Yang’s pulse again and shook his head with a sigh.Looking at her son, who was struggling to breathe, Mammy Lou clenched her hands and her eyes burst with grief and anger. “That woman must have done it!She’s in there doing something to my son! ‘Hearing this, Lou Yang slowly opened her eyes, her face burning red. “Mother, my son is all right.”Tears trickled down Mammy Lou’s face as a harsh hand ran across his. “Son, tell me, did that woman drug you?”Lou Yang was stunned and slightly arched to breathe in: “Princess…Heal me, she did not maim me.””Are you confused by the fever?How do you talk nonsense?”Mammy Lou touched his head blankly.Lou Yang coughed and blushed: “Cough…The princess…She cleaned my stomach, sewed up the wound, and comforted me that I would get better if I took her medicine. She was the one who saved me.”Lou Yang said this and collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.Lou Mammy quickly stood up, while to Lou Yang, while surprised, “isn’t she going to kill you?””She didn’t hurt me…”Because of the high fever, Lou Yang’s eyes seem blurred, focus lax, open mouth breathing, but only out of the gas, not into the gas.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. Are you satisfied with today’s recommendation?You have any idea can leave a message at the end of the article, look forward to ~