You will hurt the dog if you walk the dog like this!

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Now more and more people like to raise dogs, not only can relieve depression, but also reduce the risk of heart and cerebrovascular diseases!But if you’re still walking your dog in this way, please stop, because you’re hurting your dog!1. Dog walking time is too long: pet owners need to know the best amount of exercise and exercise time for their dogs. Once the amount of exercise exceeds the normal range, it is a burden on the dog’s body!If you have a small dog and you walk for more than two hours a day, it’s easy to get caught up in accidents and it could kill the dog!Different dog breeds, their amount of exercise and exercise time are not the same, so pet owners must raise dogs according to the actual situation of their dogs to make adjustments, small dogs generally in half an hour or so, large dogs generally in 1-2 hours or so.2, walking the dog without a leash: the dog leash is not only to protect the safety of passers-by, it is also the “rope of life” of the dog, can avoid the dog accident.However, some owners just don’t listen to the advice, believing that their dogs are gentle and can’t bite, so they don’t walk their dogs on a leash, which is very dangerous behavior!A dog’s mood is easily influenced by external factors. If a dog is frightened and runs away, it can be fatal in minutes!So walking the dog on a leash is a must, but also the provisions of civilized dog!3, driving the dog: walking the dog is really a test of the owner’s physical fitness, so there will be some pet owners like to drive the dog, driving, but let the dog run, this way of walking the dog is actually very hurt the dog body!When exercising, your dog’s heart beats fast in order to provide more oxygen to your body, but sometimes your dog’s body may not be able to adjust, which can lead to a dangerous cardiac arrest!And the road situation is very complex, dangerous accidents often happen inadvertently!4. Dog walking in the rain: Dog owners are most afraid of walking their dogs in rainy days, but they must walk their dogs every day, otherwise they will not poop. Therefore, some pet owners can only take their dogs out for a walk in the rain.Rainy days to go out to walk the dog, the dog is easy to get wet, weak dogs will easily catch a cold, even if put on the dog’s special raincoat, the dog was wet feet will be more prone to intertoe inflammation, so walking the dog really hurt the dog’s body!If you can’t walk your dog in rainy days, the owner can compromise by walking his dog in the underground parking lot, so as to ensure that the dog is not damaged by rain, but also to protect the exercise and time of the dog;The owner can also play and interact with the dog at home to dissipate the excess energy, and use some dog treats as inducements during play. The dog will be happy too.Advise pet master to know about the “chan not greasy sheep cheese”, it is made of goat’s milk fermentation to produce high quality pasture of Inner Mongolia, the diversity of nutrition absorption, no harmful preservatives added, more health, safety, and dogs love this milk smells more snacks yo small make up to say: the wrong way of walking the dog really isn’t worth advocate, pet owners don’t make after!Of course, walking a dog is only a part of raising a dog to pay attention to, more important is the dog’s education and food issues, especially “belly”!A dog that eats poorly can affect its health and be more susceptible to disease.Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners pick a variety of nutrition and good absorption of dog food.For example, “Hungry but not greasy dog food”, this kind of dog food raw materials are selected good quality of a variety of meat and healthy fruits and vegetables (chicken, duck, beef, cranberries, apples, pumpkin and other raw materials) to ensure the safety of the nutritional source of dog intake;Nutrition is also a scientific formula based on the dog’s body, nutrition is more comprehensive, which is rich in dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins and trace elements can let the dog’s body get more diverse nutrition, promote the dog’s digestion of food and nutrition absorption.Conclusion: Do you have one of these wrong dog walks?Please share more ways to walk your dog that hurt your dog