Will it increase after the New Year?Corn, rice “4 major grain” price forecast!Watch out for three pits when planting

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Today is January 27, the lunar New Year (New Year’s Eve on January 31), so far, the prices of corn, soybean, wheat and rice have been basically stable, and there will not be much fluctuation in the remaining days.At present, in addition to the Chinese New Year, for farmers, the most want to know is probably this year’s grain prices?How will the field be planted this year?I feel like I need to talk to you about the trend of food prices and planting this year.First, to understand the current food prices: the current food prices after a few months of game, corn, rice become a pair of “brothers and sisters”, the trend is not good;On the other side of the wheat, soybean but “such as spring breeze”, climax repeatedly, but as the pace of the New Year approaching, their market has gradually calm.01. Corn price:In the recent period of time, the corn market is obviously weaker than the same period in 2021. Compared with this, the price of corn in Shandong and North China in 2021 is about 300 or 400 yuan. The price of corn in Shandong and North China in 2021 is about 2900 to 3000 yuan/ton, and the higher price of enterprise acquisition price reaches 3100 yuan/ton, while currently only about 2700 yuan/ton.The highest price in northeast China at that time was 2800-2900 yuan/ton, but now it is only 2400-2500 yuan/ton.On January 26, in the corn market, due to the reduction of vehicles arriving from Shandong enterprises (1173 sets on The 25th, 953 sets on the 26th and 463 sets on the 27th), the corn price tends to be stable, only 2 enterprises reduce the purchase price, among which Binzhou Jinhui reduced 1.0 points per jin, the execution price of 1.315 yuan/jin;Yucheng Bowling Bao fell 0.5 points, 1.365 yuan/catty, other enterprises food prices remain stable.02, wheat price: the wheat market in 2021 can be said to be commendable, in a large number of wheat into the feed field continuous good stimulation, wheat price shock up, once jumped to 1.5 yuan high, very bright.In recent days, wheat processing enterprises have stopped for a holiday, basically in a state of suspension.According to the latest market price shows: shandong wheat mainstream price 1.430-1.460 yuan/catty, Henan, Hebei, the mainstream price of 1.435-1.460 yuan/catty, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shaanxi and other places flour enterprises to buy the mainstream price in 1.455-1.500 yuan/catty, on the national high.03, soybean prices: this year’s soybean prices are good, the production areas of soybean prices are equivalent to or slightly higher than the same period last year.The latest price shows: Heilongjiang Suiling soybean grain 2.95-2.98 yuan/catty, Nehe 2.90-2.95 yuan/catty, the two tower grain between 3.12-3.14 yuan/catty;Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir wool grain 2.85-2.93 yuan/jin, tower grain 3.08-3.02 yuan/jin;Jiangsu Suining wool grain 3.10-3.18 yuan/catty, net grain 3.30-3.38 yuan/catty;Shandong Juye wool grain 3.10-3.15 yuan/jin, net grain 3.30-3.35 yuan/jin.04. Rice price: after rice harvest last year, rice price has been hovering, the market in southern China is a little better, driven by the purchase of the entrusted market and the rotation storage. In December, the average price of early indica rice was 1.33 yuan per kilogram, down 1.5% month-on-month and up 3.9% year on year.Late indica rice was 1.36 yuan, up 2.3% month on month, down 1.4% year on year;Japonica rice 1.38 yuan, rose 2.2%, flat year-on-year.Northeast China, especially in heilongjiang rice prices remain low, in early January of heilongjiang region rice prices dropped below $1.25, the individual even selling MAO food only 1.22 yuan, 1.23 yuan a catty, can say really fell to the bottom, but according to some information from the media, recently sanjiang rice prices slightly rebounded agricultural reclamation area in heilongjiang province,Already, the price of 1.26 yuan per catty has been purchased at grassroots level.After the Spring Festival, there will be new changes in grain prices. Roughly analyze:Corn market probability will be a “first suppression and then Yang” trend, that is, in 2, March trend will not be too strong, into April, in the grassroots grain source bottom, processing enterprises second round stocking, corn chips and other factors, may gradually rise.Wheat market in the Spring Festival after the gradual withdrawal of wheat feed market, consumption into the off-season, the market slightly feeling not too good, I’m afraid the current high price is difficult to maintain.With regard to soybean prices, given the current rise in soybean prices in the United States, Argentina and other countries, and the fact that more than 85 percent of the 110 million tons of soybeans consumed in China come from imported soybeans, soybean prices will not be too bad in 2022.The rice market is affected by many factors, such as the drop in international rice price, the widening gap between domestic and foreign rice prices, and the relatively high stock level. Therefore, the rice price should be stable and it is difficult to have a large room for rise.Three, this year to pay attention to three aspects of land problems: first, do not “high price circulation” land.It is understood that this year, the transfer of land rent is too high, heilongjiang Suiling local dry land has reached 12,000 yuan a hectare, the land price of field crops basically do not earn much money.It is said that individual areas of Jilin and Liaoning are more expensive than this land.Second, paddy field to dry field to be careful.In the last two years, the efficiency of dry field is better than paddy field, mainly because the price of rice is not good. It is known that some local farmers have decided to change to dry field. Here I would like to remind you that it is prudent to change from water to drought, because there will be some losses.Third, we should be vigilant in buying fertilizer.Buy the mainstream seeds and fertilizer varieties familiar with the store, do not buy the new promoted varieties, as well as the new brand of fertilizer and pesticide, the new seeds may appear unstable characters, affect the yield;The new fertilizer, the new medicine does not pass the demonstration, also does not suggest to use, the effect cannot guarantee.Ok, about the food market in 2022, as well as farming need to pay attention to the three issues, finished, DO not know what you think?Welcome to express your opinion, for the reference of farmer friends.(Article/Newsletter on Agriculture, Rural Areas)