Wilfa is currently priced at a stable price starting from 819,000 yuan

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Wilfa Double Engine is an all-powerful MPV that integrates business luxury and comfortable space.Different from the business appearance of Elfa, the appearance is calm and fashionable, and every inch of the interior of the car and skin contact is made of leather material, enjoying luxury.Wide-body power seats and leg braces provide first-class comfort, and Nanoe air purification features three-zone independent air conditioning to keep the temperature comfortable while monitoring air quality and effectively isolate PM2.5.The tall and wide body allows you to enjoy a comfortable journey without the discomfort of sitting for a long time. The standard Toyota TSS2 safety system allows you to feel at ease all the way.There are cars in the store, order accepted!Faw Toyota has a used car center certified by FAW Toyota manufacturers, with high price, high replacement subsidy and fast index update;At the same time to provide you with financial loans, vehicle boutique, one-stop licensing services, da Da Toyota staff are waiting for your visit, to the shop to talk about cheaper, the transaction price is lower than the network quotation!The event will run from February 3, 2022 to February 5, 2022