Top 10 benefits of renewing insurance in 4S shop

2022-05-11 0 By

Benefit a: save worry and effort professional insurance claims, when the accident occurs, just a phone call to accident processing fast and convenient!Benefits two: site assistance vehicle accident, vehicle loss, vehicle spontaneous combustion, casualties and other major accidents, I shop insurance claims personnel will inform and try to help customers with claims procedures!Benefits three: professional maintenance of professional maintenance technology and pure original factory accessories to ensure the customer’s car maintenance quality.Benefits four: tailored full-time insurance consultant to introduce you to a variety of insurance, tailored for you the best insurance plan, continue to care for you and your car.We will provide you with one-stop and convenient service covering insurance sales, emergency rescue, accident damage assessment, vehicle repair and claim.Advantage six: excellent technology we have advanced maintenance equipment, manufacturer certification of the technical team, excellent maintenance technology.Benefits seven: the original factory accessories store maintenance, vehicle “three guarantees” guarantee.100% original accessories, free warranty, let you use peace of mind.Once your vehicle is out of danger, we will send an accident specialist to help ensure that the vehicle is fully damaged.Benefits nine: residual value protection is always maintained in the 4S shop, the maintenance record is complete, the car is in good condition, and the residual value is guaranteed when the vehicle is replaced!Benefit ten: more concessions, waiting for you to enjoy the 4S shop renewal can let customers enjoy professional claims and protect the interests of customers at the same time, enjoy the 4S shop more concessions!At present, the number of days that the insurance can be renewed in advance in each region (specific to the implementation of each region) summary: when buying insurance in the 4S shop, the shop provides the car owner with the whole process of “housekeeping” insurance services covering insurance renewal, emergency rescue, accident loss assessment, accident maintenance and claim.It means that insurance is convenient, reasonable premium, accident rescue, professional maintenance, pure accessories, different claims, claims fast and a series of service guarantee and convenience.This protection can only be realized through valuable service, which is only realized when an accident occurs.At the same time, 4S stores can rely on the whole after-sales service force to provide customers with richer and more powerful service promotions, and most of the benefits will be given in the later period.On the whole, insurance in 4S shop is not expensive, on the contrary, the service is more perfect.The event runs from February 3, 2022 to February 3, 2022