Skoda Monte Carlo Fabia Monte CarloCrystal sharp performance version, whether to introduce domestic?

2022-05-11 0 By

In 2017, Jingrui stopped selling in the domestic market, which made a lot of people feel pity, and there are different opinions on its reasons.However, in the overseas market, this hatchback car with the same platform as Polo has been upgraded in May 2021 and is now the fourth generation model.Skoda’s Fabia Monte Carlo, a younger and sportier version of the POLO GTI, is expected to be launched in Europe in 2022.As can be seen from the trailer, the new car uses black and red color matching, which is very eye-catching and delicate.The family vertical front grille on the front face, the edge-like headlights on both sides and the penetrating front envelope are all blackened, and the lower spoiler is also equipped to further enhance its sporty positioning.A straight waist line on the side of the car body runs through the front and back, which is also a sporty element everywhere. The black rear view mirror, the black roof, the side skirt and the large five petal type wheel rims highlight the distinctive sporty car identity everywhere.The rear of the body, echoing the front, is also equipped with a lower spoiler, and the irregular shape of the taillight is also blackened, which is very recognizable after the point.In addition, there is a preview of the interior, the overall tone is black, in the door panel, central console, drive system and other positions with red matching, and echoes the car outside.The flat-bottomed three-panel multi-function steering wheel is decorated with chrome trim and red stitching. The floating central control screen looks good resolution, and the air conditioning area below retains a few physical buttons. The overall look is simple and practical.In addition, it is obvious that the new car adopts a manual gearbox and a mechanical brake.This also indirectly explains the power unit of the new car.New motivation are likely to pick up 1.0 T three cylinder turbo engine and 1.5 TSI four-cylinder turbo engine, maximum power is 110 horsepower and 150 horsepower respectively, specific power, of course, the final parameters still must be officially issued, we will continue to focus on, see here, the flagship sports car have let you move?