Is the car rearview mirror a convex or a concave lens?Rearview mirror rain water can not see how to do?

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The rear view mirror of a car is a convex lens.When we all know that the car in reverse, need comprehensive grasp of the rear and side of the situation, but we sat in the front seat, in the case of not twist a head can only be observed for and profile, with nothing to auxiliary astern, we have to head out the window or has been turned to look at the rear of the case, the mirror is well solved the case,This is how a convex lens works. The mirror juts out slightly in the middle, allowing light to reflect more of the image.Rearview mirror rain water can not see how to do?1, the use of rain repellent.The spray is available online and not too expensive.Spray the spray on the mirror, will form a layer of waterproof protective layer on the surface, the water meets the waterproof layer will converge into droplets falling, effectively prevent the rain mirror can not see clearly, under normal circumstances two months spray once.2, play “umbrella” for the mirror.Here said “umbrella” is not the real umbrella, is in the mirror above a similar umbrella function of the thing, when it rains to play a protective role, not to be rain.3. Heat the mirror.Just like the glass in the car, when the fog in the car, we usually open the heating system in the car, and soon the fog of the glass will dissipate. The mirror is also the same. We can go to the 4S shop to modify it, and we can solve this problem well.