2-1!China will welcome a big rebound, send the belly eight straight losses, pray Australia lost, into the top three

2022-05-11 0 By

World Cup qualifier in Asia, 12 strong to continue, in a game in the eighth round, will be at home usher in China’s southeast Asia boss Vietnam challenges, China still retain a chance of impact group third, coincides with the Spring Festival, the fans are looking forward to Li Xiaopeng can shame before a snow defeated Japan, don’t let the future of Chinese football dead in his hands.Australia’s win over Vietnam lifted their tally to 14 points, still a point behind Japan in third place.China ranked second from the bottom of the group with five points.In other words, the only way for China to get the third place in the group in the last three rounds is huashan:Beat Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, pray Australia finally lost all three games, however, at the same time, the Chinese team goal difference to at least 16 more than Australia, such as the Chinese team score rival 9 three games, three kangaroos legion with net opponent seven goals, the inside and outside in China is much more than Australia 16 goal difference, so that China can qualify.Of course, such a wish is good, but it is really the need for China and Australia to cooperate with each other.However, I believe that the fans are very rational, will not have such “non-points” requirements, as long as the last three rounds of the style and spirit, that is enough.The eighth round of the face of Vietnam, li Xiaopeng is undoubtedly the most should not lose, to know that Vietnam in the first seven rounds of all defeat, has become a soft persimmon, if the Chinese team even such a team can not win, it can only show that the national football team is the most soft persimmon.The first leg was nominally home for China, which beat Vietnam 3-2 in a process that would not have satisfied many.Chen Shuyuan, chairman of the Football Association, was watching the match and his face looked rather solemn.After all, China had been 2-0 up before Vietnam equalised, but Wu Lei saved Chen and Li tie’s face with a last-gasp winner.However, the total game China’s ball control rate is only 47%, Vietnam is 53%, the number of shots Vietnam also led China 10-9, can say that the National football team can win luck also accounted for a large factor.At present, the probability of The Chinese team has been reduced to 0%, the outside world for the strength of the national football team is not recognized.At this time, the fans should not flatter themselves, to blame the national team players are not good, but to straighten out the mentality, look to the future, in The Asian level Although The Chinese team is not a first-class team, but beat small Vietnam or have the confidence.China’s only previous meeting with Vietnam on their home ground came in a 2-1 Asian Cup qualifying win in 2010, with Yang Xu and Zhang Linpeng scoring and Hao Junmin also starting for China.Australia in the eighth round, meanwhile, will meet the challenge of Oman, as said before, the only prayer Oman bash kangaroo legion at home, can let the team’s hopes of again, to bet against the team’s, might as well look forward to the miracle happen, especially the national soccer team can beat Denver at Vietnam, then the morale of the team will get a huge ascension,The outcome of the next two matches is more unpredictable, and anything can happen in football.