Huangzhuang street Hongqi community to carry out the “Constitution into ten thousand” law knowledge lectures

2022-05-09 0 By

In order to enhance the constitutional awareness of the residents of the jurisdiction, maintain the authority of the constitution, improve the satisfaction of the masses, the sense of security, to create a good social atmosphere of studying, using and obeying the law.On the morning of February 7, hongqi community organized a lecture on the knowledge of the constitution.The speaker Wang Yawen first explained the basic knowledge of the Constitution, and then combined with the actual situation in life, real cases, to remind residents and friends to consciously respect the law, law-abiding, usage, when their own interests are violated, to learn to use legal weapons to protect themselves.Community workers also remind the elderly not to be deceived for petty profits, such as scanning codes, receiving “free” gifts and attending informal lectures to buy “health products”.Residents have said harvest, residents shao Said: “now the progress of science and technology, cheater means are more and more advanced, it is impossible to guard against, listen to this class, just give us the elderly remind, lest be fooled!”Through the publicity of the law, the residents of the jurisdiction have a more profound understanding and understanding of the content and role of the Constitution, but also enhance the legal awareness of the residents, improve the ability of the residents to know the law, understand the law, to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law, to maintain the stability of the jurisdiction laid a solid foundation.(Fang Chunlong)