Getting rear-ended saved everyone’s life. The Lynk 01 is so fresh

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In the first half of last year, I was frightened when I thought about it. I was also very glad that I was driving lynk 01 to protect our family.This is how it all started.It happened to be the end of a long holiday, I took parents, wife, children and a large family back from home.Due to light rain, the road was quite slippery.On the way home, I braked at the zebra crossing as usual to yield to pedestrians.But as soon as I stopped, I felt the impact on the car behind me, and the car slid straight forward for more than a meter.Being rear-ended so suddenly, I was a little confused at the moment, but fortunately, I quickly recovered my sense and stepped on the brake. The brake of The Lingke 01 was very sensitive and stopped in time, so as not to hit the pedestrian in front.In the back seat sat his wife and child, who was accompanied by his wife because the child was small, using a child safety seat.After braking, I quickly looked back at the back seat, the child was still peacefully asleep, the slightest hint of the appearance.The wife is also frightened a jump, we quickly stopped the car, get off to see the situation.It was a van, which, compared to my Lynk 01, was pretty big.When I saw the rear of the LYNk 01, I was stunned. The accident was much worse than I thought. The trunk was dented and the tail wing was off.But in this situation, our family is safe, and our daughter is still sleeping in the car.I thought: good thing I drive lynk, the high strength of the body to protect our family.It’s okay. Nothing else matters.I arranged my family members to take a taxi home and went to the traffic police station by myself. The after-sales staff of Lynk also contacted me in a second and went directly to the traffic police station to help me deal with the accident.I have to say, lynk’s after-sales response is also very fast, the car was taken insurance treatment, sent to repair.It’s fixed and as good as new.In fact, when I bought a car at that time, I did not feel intuitive when I saw the advertising words of body structure and body material. After all, this thing is a little too professional, and we ordinary consumers do not understand it.Also read a lot of assessments and owners of the post, lynk 01 safety is almost a consensus.Driving out of the house is not a plan for safety, plus usually have to send his wife and children, safety is a big deal.So I bought this car because of the safety of lynk 01.And in fact, LYNk 01 did not disappoint me, from this crash can see that lynk 01 safety is not just a propaganda level, in the critical moment, can really save lives.Another thing I want to share with you is that the ACC system of LYNk 01 is also very sensitive.I remember is also a rainy day, because of the rain, driving the line of sight, the visibility is very low, when I was on the road, and didn’t notice that there is a car in front, the results are brought g 01 discovered the danger of the ACC system, vehicle brake quickly, after I went for a operation, vehicle zui and limber happened only minor scratches.After these two safety incidents, I have more confidence in the safety of the LYNk 01.What could be more important than keeping your family safe when the chips are down?In addition, LYNk 01 has won many honors in the field of security at home and abroad:In 2018, IT achieved 5 stars in C-NCAP crash test, achieved “G” (best safety) in C-IASI crash test, won the shiny title of “Safety Car of the Year in China” in 2019, and won many safety test awards such as Euro NCAP Safety Test in 2021.You can check out the various crash test websites.Therefore, for those who have high requirements for security, LYNk 01 can be regarded as a very reliable choice.