Explore the ice and snow world of ning!

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Official opening of the Beijing Olympics tonight this winter skiing in skating with the whole circle of friends to meet the games into the future as the world’s first “of roller skating” nanjing all kinds of ice and snow area increasing road nanjing of ice and snow world with “snow” skating skating places a good name is “ice ballet” elegant, fashion, health, as long as put on skates you is all the “gone with the wind”>>>> Jiangbei New Area Ice World Location: Jiangbei New Area Bridge North Road 48 nanjing Hongyang Plaza C Hall F1 highlight: super luxury indoor skating rink Contact: 025-58195656, 18661166090 Spring Festival holiday arrangements:Business clean and safe during Spring Festival equipped with wide variety of fresh and agile ice ice skates in jiangbei district ice skating world small white may rest assured to open “experience” at the beginning of snow and ice skating player can jump to rotate, not afraid cold free “slide” xiang whether big friends or children have the opportunity to experience the ice version of “fast and furious” > > > > Olympic sports center ice sports clubPillar 59, Parking lot 222, Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District, PRCThe Olympic Sports Center ice Sports Club is located in the auxiliary gymnasium with a construction area of about 1800 square meters. The ice rink in the gymnasium is 60 meters long.30 m wide but not the tenth national games figure skating competition training venue is jiangsu province short track speed skating team figure skating team training dedicated facilities can undertake the ice events at home and abroad as an advanced teaching faculty strong professional Olympic sports center ice sports club perennial cooperation with nanjing many primary and secondary schools to carry out the ice sports training courses dedicated to promoting include base, ice skatingBall, figure skating and other ice projects to let more people know about skating, participate in skating, fall in love with skating >>>> ice skating club location: bin Run hui – 2 / F, 83 Nanxi River East Street, Jianye District highlights: large indoor venues, real ice slide contact: 025-83605125January 31 solstice on February 3, not business, February 4, normal business periglacial skating club has ultra strong real ice ice field and large indoor venues chang sliding on the ice on his back is bright is dazzing Milky Way above the lights like the stars dancing skating moving small white also can rest assured “gone with the wind” > > > > star essence, ice skating rink location: it should be 619 days street hong yue city 4th floor window:Retired Professional coach of national Team Contact: 025-51862216 Spring Festival Holiday arrangement:Business 650 – square – meter during the Spring Festival is in strict accordance with the world advanced professional ice hockey field quality standard design construction both in figure skating and ice hockey performances with the game without any pressure a retired national team professional coaches allows you to easily enjoy popular pleasure at home indoor skiing simulation hall who says is “qualified” winter indoor ski simulator can enjoy all the year round in nanjingBy skiing can’t wait to jump to experience the snow snow speed pleasure >>>> Diancheng Sports BCSPACE experience Center location: 2F, Diancheng Building, 157 Taishan Road, Jianye DistrictBCSPACE Experience Center of Bian Cheng Sports will be closed from January 31 to February 3 and normal from February 4. BCSPACE Experience Center has the largest indoor ski simulator in East China.Close your eyes and take a brave and confident heart to fly freely on the ski slopes >>>>NPC Northern Lights City ski location: 2F, Huacai Tiandi, No.258, Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye DistrictSpring Festival Holiday arrangement:During the Spring Festival open indoor ski simulator + outdoor ski resorts rotation, sliding, no limit here can understand deeply skiing “black technology” alpine skiing simulator import snow blankets atmosphere feeling, full professional coaches full escort zero base small white also can easily get started skiing talent is in the future you > > > > snow leshan indoor skiing hall location:B2, Jinying World, Yunjin Road, Jianye District;5th Floor, Block B, Jinying Xinjiekou Store, No. 89, Hanzhong Road, Qinhuai DistrictDuring the Spring Festival business high-end “nylon cluster magic carpet” simulated snow reality nearly infinite “snow trail” intelligent slope, speed can experience multi-level challenges harvest the effect of the real snow, snow, play excellent throughout the year, want to slide on the slide >>>> return to travel snow · City skiing location: 201 Central Road jinmao Lanxiu City L414;No. 99 xinghuo Road, Jiangbei New District, Longhu, 4th Floor, Jiangbei Tianjie, Provide skiing equipmentOperating advanced ski simulator equipment during the Spring Festival best training slope (drop) with the guidance of professional coaches make skiing vitality don’t need to bring their own ski equipment provides professional techniques of the different models of ski equipment form a complete set of tools at different ages, different needs of players here can shu xin chang slip right “games” cheer for China,Cheer for Chinese team quickly @ friend together feel the enthusiasm of the ice and snow sports in nanjing encounter a snow and ice tour sources | nanjing municipal sports bureau