During the Spring Festival of 2022, lanzhou saw a year-on-year decrease of 18.7%

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Daily Gansu network On February 8, according to lanzhou Evening News reported on February 7, the reporter learned from lanzhou Municipal public Security Bureau, during the Spring Festival, the city’s overall social stability, public order continues to be good, 110 police decreased 18.7% year on year, public security police situation decreased 23% year on year.During the festival, Lanzhou Public Security launched the “1+1+4+9” regional police cooperation mechanism around Lanzhou, implementing the first-level service of joint armed patrol of public security and armed police. 115 armed police, more than 3,420 patrol forces and 230 police officers were assigned to guard crowded places around the clock.At the same time, it continued to carry out good governance activities in the city, actively integrated into the mechanism of the “Social Work Committee”, and organized 149 police officers to participate in the regular stationing of 38 streets and 103 communities respectively.We adhered to and developed the fengqiao experience in the new era, carried out the campaign of “one million police officers entering 10 million police officers”, and conducted comprehensive investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes.During the festival, the public security of Lanzhou strictly implemented the requirements of normal epidemic prevention and control and the work measures of “preventing the importation from outside and the rebound from inside”, and launched high-level duty at 8 checkpoints around lanzhou, closely monitoring the personnel, vehicles and items returning to Lanzhou from medium-high risk areas, carrying out vehicle by vehicle inspection, person by person registration and object by object verification.A total of 66 vehicles and 99 people from the epidemic-affected areas were checked to tighten the prevention and control network of routes into The region.We will continue to pay close attention to changes in medium-high risk areas in China, collect statistics on the accommodation situation of people from affected areas, and promptly report it to health authorities for verification and control.During the festival, lanzhou public security, combined with the characteristics of the public security situation at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, severely cracked down on robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling, drugs, food and drug ring and other prominent crimes that affect the safety of the people, especially to strengthen the propaganda and crackdown on telecommunications and network fraud.During the festival, a total of more than 1600 police officers were arranged to carry out anti-fraud publicity in personnel concentration sites and special subway anti-fraud publicity trains. The city received 7 telephony police reports, with a significant decrease in the number of cases year-on-year.Since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush, Lanzhou public security has dispatched 1,500 police officers and more than 350 police cars on an average day, launched 15 law enforcement service stations and 167 rural inspection and persuasion stations, comprehensively strengthened road guidance and law enforcement control, and effectively guaranteed people’s safe travel.In response to the rain, snow and freezing weather in the late Spring Festival, the Emergency Response Plan for Heavy Snowfall was immediately activated, and the national and provincial roads and urban sections of the city were adjusted and controlled.On February 5 and 6, more than 1,700 police officers and more than 1,300 vehicles of police cars and motorcycles were deployed to carry out patrol control and evacuation guidance, effectively ensuring road traffic safety during the peak return period of the Spring Festival holiday.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Wang Jin