The four most powerful warriors in ancient China, no one can fight, and no one dares to fight with them

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Throughout China’s five thousand years, several dynasties have iterated even more, and there are countless heroes and generals, and even more countless brave and resourceful talents.In ancient times, emperors conquered neighboring nations by force and consolidated their territories. The generals and celebrities who were brave and skillful in battle were also loved by the emperor and the people. The heroic combat posture of the soldiers was widely spread and praised through the ages.The generals defended the country and the people for the emperor and made countless contributions.Some generals may be promoted to jus and respected by the world when they meet a wise king.And some generals met a bad king, bad king beware of the general may be high cover Lord, affect the stability of the throne, so casually give a crime, get rid of it.There is a popular saying among the people: “The king is no better than xiang, the force is no better than hegemony, the general is no better than Li, and the fist is no better than Jin.”The general meaning is that among the many famous generals in ancient times, in terms of force, the king of cheng could not compete with Xiang Yu, the general could not compete with Li Cunxiao, no one could compete with Li Yuanba in strength, no one could compete with Jin Tai in military skill.Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu State, was superior in force and no one could rival the generals of The Three Kingdoms. Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu State, was the most powerful king in The history of China.A popular saying, “Yu is as brave as ever”, praises Xiang Yu for his excellent military skills.Xiang Yu was originally called Xiang Ji, yu being his character.He was the grandson of Xiang Yan, a general of the State of Chu. He was born into a family of military generals and had more opportunities to practice martial arts than others.Xiang Yu had told his uncle when he was young that if he did not learn, he would learn to be the enemy of ten thousand people.When he grew up, Xiang Yu was eight feet tall and extremely powerful.One day when he saw Qin Shi Huang visiting Kuaiji, Xiang Yu pointed at him and said that he could take his place.Later, Xiang Yu with excellent strategy and high martial arts, will really come true this sentence.In the battle of Julu, Xiang Yu was brave and wise in planning the war. With tens of thousands of Chu troops, he defeated the main force of 400,000 Qin troops at one stroke. He became famous by winning many battles with fewer troops and established his position as the God of war.Later, he was conferred the title of vassal of the 18th Road and styled himself the overlord of Western Chu.Later in the Battle of Moxa, the hero’s end.Is the so-called: “when born as a hero, death is also a male ghost”, after the defeat, Xiang Yu committed suicide wujiang, a generation of heroes since the fall.Now once frustrated, no face to jiangdong father, is the body dead country.Li Yuanba is a character in the Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the archetype in history is the third son of Li Yuan.At the end of the Sui dynasty, the value of force should be the first, with strength to suppress the second yu Wencheng.Li Yuanba, the legendary reincarnation of the golden winged Dapeng eagle, uses a pair of large golden hammers as weapons to kill enemies everywhere.In the book, li yuanba wrote: “Li yuanba was as thin as a stick, but his two arms were capable of four things. He could lift a pair of eight-hundred-jin iron hammers, and his strength was extraordinary. No one could defeat him on the battlefield.In the Battle of Purple Mountain, one man with a pair of hammers killed hundreds of thousands of the enemy troops in half a day, beating them thoroughly.Li Yuanba is too invincible, can only say that people are lonely at the top, this kind of taste is not good for him.Without an opponent, li Yuanba’s life was no fun and no reason to live. When he returned to Chang ‘an, he was killed by lightning.Li in “General but Li” refers to Li Cunxiao, whose real name was An Jingsi, a very famous general in the late Tang Dynasty.Li Cunxiao’s martial arts are very high, brave and resourceful, can give advice.He is Rick’s favorite general and his adopted son, known as the “Thirteen Taibao”.When Li Cunxiao grew up, he often led his soldiers to battle. As a pioneer general, he was brave and courageous.He often went out with his step-father to fight on battlefields, saved Chenzhou and Xuzhou from the sea of fire, and attacked Huangchao. He never lost a battle led by Li Cunxiao.Such a invincible hero in the battlefield loved by the people, known as the flying tiger general, to defend the country.However, The final outcome of Li Cunxiao is very tragic, framed by the villain, escape the punishment of the car crack, unjustly died.Li Cunxiao led the troops to battle invincible, is a general to defend the country, but was afraid by people, afraid of his power to endanger the country, framed him as a traitor to the enemy, crime and should be punished.Such a reason may have some credibility on others, but on Li Cunxiao, it is simply a construction.The world’s first boxing king jin Tai name history jin Tai, this character still exists in the novel, such as “Jin Tai Legend of chivalrism”, “Jin Tai three Shaolin Temple” and so on.Jin Tai in the book is known as the legendary chivalrous man of the Northern Song Dynasty, is the first person to learn martial arts, but also known as the most ancient and modern martial arts, wu Song, Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen and other people’s grandfather.Jin Tai is a stubborn person, since childhood, very fond of martial arts, and eager to learn martial arts.Later, his parents died one after another, he will walk all corners of the country, make friends from all over the world, personality bright and bold, but also practice a martial arts, known as the first boxing king.In the late years of Renzong of Song Dynasty, the state Treasury was empty, and the people complained bitterly that the people were living in poverty.When the prime minister Dan Taiwei intention to seek the throne, and foreign xixia collusion.Xi Xia specially sent a military general black wind, to the Central Plains to fight, and with this to coerce Song Renzong to dominate the central Plains.Dan Taiwei also has a sinister plan in mind, each has a plan.After setting up an arena, the hero of all corners of the country comes one after another, among them have gold stage.Jin Tai and black wind in the contest, a punch will be killed, then won the “world boxing king” title.In addition, Shaanxi warrior iron arm Zhou Dong is also jin Tai’s disciples, Lin Chong, Wu Song and other heroes are zhou Dong’s disciples.All the stories about Jintai are from novels, there is no record about Jintai in history books.From the content of the novel, there is no truth to the story of Jin Tai.Because in the records of the shiji, the song Dynasty has never conferred a different surname as prince Jue, nor have I ever seen the title of “huangchengdian Imperial teacher” of a higher rank.However, jin Tai this hero hero is just the ideal people in our hearts, the reality of where there will be?Jintai was just a hero who lived in the hearts of ancient people. He was upright, wise and brave, fearless and had a heart of courage to help the poor.Such a figure is a symbol of hope and beauty in the hearts of the people, is the hero everyone yearns for.These heroes are all brave and resourceful, ability and mind, is the great hero in the mouth of the people.In troubled times, the bad king was in power, and the people longed for a wise and brave hero to rescue them from their misery, but it was a dream.After knowing these heroes, we still sigh that you were born I was not born, I was born you have died of regret.Heroes rarely meet bole, no recognition can only be rushed through this life.It is no wonder that the ancients often find it difficult to solve the heart upset, there are so many unappreciated, ambition difficult to pay.