The Pentagon blamed China before Russia and Ukraine started. Who can trust the US now?

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has become increasingly tense. The United States, regardless of the safety of people in other countries, insisted on exaggerating Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, and even announced the time of the so-called “invasion”. All countries in the world were alarmed for a time, fearing that a “world war” would break out as a result.But Russia’s sudden withdrawal of some of its troops from the border with Ukraine, on the eve of an American “war” date, almost smacked Mr Biden in the face.Now the Pentagon has suddenly turned on China, claiming that Russia had “Chinese support” for its “invasion” of Ukraine.Us Pentagon spokesman John Kirby publicly discredited Sino-Russian relations at a press conference Thursday, reported.Kirby played up Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine from the ADMINISTRATION’s “playbook” and demanded that Russia reduce its troop presence on the border.Kirby then asked about the role of “China in Russia and Ukraine” related issues, says the us has been focused on the rapid development of the relationship between Russia and China, “their joint statement on February 4, provides further evidence, of course, show that China has decided that they will stand on what’s happening in Europe and Russia together”.”China’s implicit support for Russia is deeply concerning” and “makes the security situation in Europe more unstable,” Kirby said.However, when reporters on the scene asked Kirby to provide substantive evidence, Kirby began to dodge the question and sidestep him.In response to Kirby’s remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Thursday that under the current circumstances, hyping up war is not a responsible act, unilateral sanctions and pressure will not help ease the situation, advocating group confrontation is a return to the old cold War path.We call on all parties to adopt an equal and open attitude, push for the practical implementation of the New Minsk Agreement through dialogue and negotiation, and create conditions for the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.In fact, this is not the first time that the US has slandered China on the Russia-Ukraine issue.Since the beginning of this year, the US has been playing tricks against China. It is not only trying to drag China into the water on the Russia-Ukraine issue, but also deliberately hyping up the international situation by taking advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Taiwan Straits issue to drive a wedge between China and Russia.Biden also sent National Security Adviser Mike Sullivan to publicly “threaten” China with “irreparable” sanctions if Russia “invades” Ukraine.At the same time, Sullivan said, the international community will also take action to “sanction China.”As The February 16 date for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was announced by the U.S. and other Western countries, Russia suddenly withdrew some of its troops, taking the U.S. by surprise.As a result, the United States was embarrassed in the international community, and even insisted that “Russia’s withdrawal is only temporary, and it can come back at any time.”Even the Pentagon is following the lead of the US government, trying to blame China for Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine.However, China is not easy to bully, when the United States blame, directly made a retort.Of course, the rest of the world is not easy to fool, what is the root cause of the problem between Russia and Ukraine?I believe they all see very clearly, all this is just the United States no bottom line hype.In the eyes of some Western countries, they all believe the American story of Russian “invasion” of Ukraine is true.In this situation, each country needs to make its position clear. It is a choice between “standing with the United States and NATO against Russia” or “standing with Russia against Ukraine.”And China at this time to choose neutral approach, seems to have become their eyes “rebellious” approach.Coupled with the current poor social environment in the United States, Biden has been forced to start diverting The Attention of the American people from domestic and international developments.Under the pretext of containing China and Russia, the US government began to “stir up mischief” in the international arena, hoping to regain its former status as a great power.However, the so-called “two-way combat” pressure strategy of the US against China and Russia has not played any role in curbing the development of China and Russia, but has made the US feel powerless to maintain its “hegemony”.The drawn-out battle lines and the recession have made it difficult for the United States, which has only recently pulled out of Afghanistan, to sustain long-term strategic losses.As the United States continues to play up the “Russia-Ukraine crisis”, even Ukrainian President Zelensky said that the United States to take out Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine substantive evidence.It is clear that the “ally” of the United States no longer believes the bogus rhetoric that the United States has been peddling from time to time.It can be seen that after the failure of the United States in the propaganda of the “Russo-Ukrainian War”, its international credibility gradually disappeared.