School teaching and research group leader training personal experience three

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This semester, I had the opportunity to participate in the provincial institute of education organization of high school English teaching and research group leader training class, a period of ten days of learning, or think of a certain harvest.It’s also a great learning opportunity to sit down and listen to a few quality lectures after a busy teaching schedule.Although the training schedule is full, most teachers feel very tired, but looking back, such tired, in exchange for the improvement of understanding, time and time to urge themselves to examine and think more about education and teaching, it should be said that it is worthwhile.It should be said that we can hear the high-level lectures from the experts from Fujian Institute of Education, Normal University, Xiamen Teachers’ Further education College, the teaching and research group leaders from Tongan No.1 Middle School, Xiamen No.1 Middle School and some grassroots teaching and research staff.They have years of research, summed up the ideas, both incisive and concise, many ideas let us feel fresh and new.Come to think of it, there’s something to be gained.It’s also a great learning opportunity.In addition, expert Li Jian’s lecture on listening and evaluating lessons was very practical, which made me realize what aspects I could listen to and evaluate in the process of listening to lectures in the future, and what aspects teachers could improve their teaching from. The ultimate goal is to improve teaching quality and benefit students.We also listened to the teacher skills competition. Through watching some competition clips and teaching plan designs, we felt that the quality of the winning teachers was quite high, and there was more than a little gap between us and them.What is particularly rare is that I have listened to the high-level classes of six teachers this time.The grammar and writing class given by the senior three teachers of the High School attached to Normal University made people feel fresh, beautiful and closely related to current events with PPT and concise explanation, which made people feel that this class was easy and easy to understand. Moreover, I could combine the grammar knowledge learned with the composition and improve my writing ability, which was very rare.It’s worth learning from.The senior grade two teacher gave an absolutely creative reading lesson. Although it ended in a hurry, his bold attempt was admirable and refreshing.I was deeply impressed by the different classes of the two teachers in Tongan No. 1 Middle School, and the listening and speaking classes, reading and writing classes taught by the two professors in Xiamen No. 1 Middle School. Their teachers were of high quality and their oral English was excellent.After a class, students will have a lot of harvest, teachers also have a sense of achievement, happiness.These open courses give me a lot of inspiration and give me a lot of thinking.One, diligent in learning, follow the pulse of teaching and scientific research with the light burden of high quality thought, basic education new curriculum reform, we urgently need to strengthen the theoretical learning of teachers.In order to keep up with the pace of curriculum reform, their school took the teaching and research group as the unit to conscientiously carry out relevant theoretical learning, and organized several regular learning activities, such as reading a good book, an article, observing and commenting on a class example, studying a problem…, not only broaden the horizons of teachers, but more importantly, let the majority of teachers personally experience the process from new ideas to new classroom interpretation.Second, good at teaching reflection, promote the new growth of teachers the honor of pride, depends on the school staff constantly reflect, summarize, improve, promote new growth.In order to guide teachers to consciously reflect on their teaching practices, the school regularly organizes teacher-level teaching reflection activities such as teaching narration, case reflection and reading forum, so as to promote teachers’ growth and make students become the biggest beneficiaries of teaching reform.In short, ten days of training harvest quite a lot, not only in the teaching and research group construction has some enlightenment, in teaching also learned a lot, I hope such training in the future, but also let more teachers receive training.School teaching and research group leader training experience personal concern three articles 2 to strengthen the teaching research, improve the quality of wang as the key point, further strengthen theory of teachers training, improving the whole quality of teachers, improve the kindergarten spring park, wuxi help all teachers, solidarity, selfless dedication, have achieved good results.First, strengthen the teaching research, boldly try the curriculum reform, improve the quality of education.Every Tuesday, Thursday afternoon nursery staff, teachers business learning activities.The content of the activity includes the learning of new educational concepts;The reform of classroom teaching methods, the role of teachers always change, and strive to make the teaching form from imparting to open change, from imparting knowledge to cultivating ability change.Try to construct active and effective interactive forms of teacher-child activities.2, strengthen teaching routine management.To strengthen the management of teachers’ lesson preparation, educational activities, indoor and outdoor game activities, according to the age of children, according to the “Outline” in each field of teaching objectives, solid implementation of the routine of education, and on this basis actively enrich the connotation of education.Especially per shift of homemade baby toys, sports equipment, tire, regional activity materials, etc., in recent years, self-made teaching toys nearly three thousand pieces, use of these materials and teaching toys, let the children use their intelligence in all areas activities, to cultivate children’s brain thinking, hands-on operation and other independent innovation ability,It fully embodies the educational concept of “learning by doing” and the concept of new curriculum reform.3, strengthen the research of child one day, one day activity plan in strict accordance with the children, to prevent the accident, the children’s day activities and conduct education and guidance, so that children develop good habits, teach children “to learn knowledge, learn to do things, learn to coexist, learning life”.4. Boldly carry out kindergarten education curriculum reform.From unified standardized curriculum and reform for diversity, flexibility of the course, every class has set up a accord with the characteristics of children’s age, to satisfy the needs of the early childhood development theme, and around a theme set up the education goal, for all kinds of activities, such as: scientific inquiry activities, reading and listening to spoken English teaching, literacy teaching, network game theme, and so on.5. Cultivate children’s sentiment and develop children’s artistic characteristics through rich and colorful specific activities.Such as “Celebrate 61 art performance”, “celebrate New Year’s day home fun parent-child garden activities” and “outing activities” and a variety of educational and teaching activities.The development of these activities is to cultivate children’s emotion, interest, attitude, personality and other aspects, so as to cultivate children’s lifelong learning foundation and motivation.It also strengthened the relationship between kindergarten and family, increased the transparency of kindergarten work, thus setting up a golden bridge of home co-education.Strengthening teacher training and improving the quality of teachers is the lifeline of preschool education, and the key to improving the quality of preschool education is preschool teachers.The renewal of the overall quality and concept of teachers is directly related to the level of education quality.We insist on external learning and internal research (training) to critically absorb the teaching experience of advanced kindergartens in other countries, combine the actual situation of our kindergarten, strengthen research, start from changing the concept, improve the overall level of teachers.1, update the concept, establish a new concept of early childhood education.We through the form of collective teaching, group training learning, give full play to the role of teaching research, through the way of “go out, please come back” to conduct a comprehensive training for teachers, makes the teachers really ignore the essence of the new guidelines, absorbing foreign experience, set up new ideas, new education methods to organize activities and correct evaluation every child development.2. Carry out seminars, observing and observing classes, attending classes, saying classes, evaluating classes, thinking classes and other activities to improve the teaching level and professional ability of teachers.In recent years, the county kindergarten teacher training, seminars, I have a Liang Qingli garden, Huang Lipin, three-and-a-half chardonnay, qiu-yan lu, Kim lee li, Luo Xiaojuan teacher provides the demonstration class, a total of 16 teachers more than twenty class parents open, deepen understanding of early childhood education, parents agree education method, reach home produced.Through listening to lectures, saying lessons, evaluating lessons, thinking lessons, so that teachers learn from each other, common discussion, common progress.Leaders and peers have been fully affirmed by parents and people from all walks of life.3, in the implementation of the new curriculum process, pay attention to the teacher computer knowledge training, improve the ability to use modern education information.In the era of rapid development of computer information network, the promotion of education information, is the overall promotion of quality education requirements, but also the current education and teaching reform needs, I park the new “outline” of the spirit of the concept into modern education technology, the modern education information as an important part of the school work.We will computer and network knowledge as the kindergarten teachers should know should meet the basic skills to request, has repeatedly organized teachers to carry out computer knowledge training exams, the park more than 90% of the teachers through the computer training.4, to promote the professional growth of teachers.In the past few years, we have organized and encouraged teachers to participate in and guide various skills competitions, and the professional level of teachers has been significantly improved.Remarkable achievements in the competition, fruitful.A total of 44 and 41 children participated in various competitions.There are 38 children who won the national prize, including 6 gold prize, 15 silver prize and 18 bronze prize. There are 2 people who won the county-level prize, including 1 second prize and 1 excellence prize.One teacher has won the National Grade 3 Gardener Award, and two teachers have won the Excellent Gardener Award.There are 2 people who have won district-level paper prize, including 1 first prize and 1 second prize, and there are 25 people who have won municipal paper prize, including 8 second prize, 10 third prize and 7 excellence prize.There are 13 teachers who have won various skills and skills competitions at the municipal level, including 4 second prize, 4 third prize and 6 excellence prize.There are 37 people who won county-level awards, including 1 special prize, 6 first prize, 9 second prize and 20 third prize.Third, the use of community, family and other resources, and strive to improve the garden appearance of the kindergarten, so that the kindergarten really become a paradise of children’s life.The Outline of Kindergarten education points out that kindergartens should be closely combined with families and communities, make comprehensive use of various educational resources, and jointly create good conditions for the development of children.In recent years, teachers in line with the principle of thrift, make full use of all possible use of waste goods, the use of community, family and other forces, according to the season, according to the theme of careful design, ingenious layout of indoor and outdoor, corridor and stairwell environment creation.So that the kindergarten really become children’s paradise, the cradle of knowledge.The wang of the kindergarten, in short, in the superior departments and the social from all walks of life, the majority of parents concern and support, and under the teachers’ hard work, hard work, has made gratifying achievements, but there are shortcomings, we must be in the future work, explore unceasingly, enhances unceasingly, unceasingly enterprising, fight for it again in the work.320x x, x primary school x teacher and X experimental school X campus X teacher in x city education science research Institute x deputy director, X teaching and research staff led to our county to carry out nanning primary school teaching and research group leader training and send to the countryside activities.Afternoon, deputy director of the x in the first primary school gave us from the county to the theme of the design of the educational research group activities and carry out training, exhibition, deputy director of the combined with concrete examples from “focus on effective teaching and research, teaching and researching activities of the planning, development of the research activity, the educational research group long professional” four aspects are expounded, and the training for how we pointed out the direction of the educational research group construction,Also give us a lot of enlightenment.I am very grateful to the school for giving me such a rare opportunity to learn and communicate.Experts used lively, humorous and easy to understand language to guide students face to face. I was full of harvest from an affectionate lecture that combined theory with practice.Although the winter is still in, although the weekend training is very hard, most teachers feel very tired, but looking back, such tired, in exchange for a raise in understanding, once prompted myself to also more on the teaching and research work to examine and think, it should be said, or worthwhile.Through this serious training and their own hard study, I feel very harvest, in practice to improve their own understanding, sublimation of their own theoretical level, for their future work to discover themselves, improve themselves has a profound significance.Through the training, I also understand the importance of the construction of the teaching and research group, research the basic principles of the management of the teaching and research group, carry out personalized school-based research, so that the management of the teaching and research group to a new level, which is the main goal of my training.Although a day of training and learning is short, I benefited a lot. I not only improved my educational concept, but also broadened my vision.Experience can be recorded, but the feelings of the heart may be unspeakable, only their own experience, will have an improvement in understanding.Expert training is like a beacon, like a pilot of a drifting ship at sea.I personally feel that “listen to your words, better than ten years.”I feel that I am changing, the classroom is changing, the students are changing, my heart excited, excited, there is a bit of progress and improvement, my heart has unbearable joy and happiness.In the future education and teaching work, I will arm myself with abundant theoretical knowledge and promote classroom teaching to a new height.Carry out the activity construction of the teaching and research group down to earth, start from bit by bit, and contribute a strength to the teaching work of the school.